1100 Vacancies at Jazan Technical Graduates Job Forum


Twenty private sector educational institutions offered 1,100 job opportunities to male and female graduates of vocational schools in Jazan at the annual job forum organized by the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training in Jazan.

The specialized exhibition for participating parties hosted a number of technical and vocational graduates seeking employment as part of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation’s efforts to provide suitable employment opportunities for all graduates, men and women.

Muhammad Akili, general manager of technical and vocational training in the region, said the forum is part of a series of initiatives based on the institution’s commitment to achieving excellence and leadership in all areas. , feeling socially responsible for its results and its role in supporting the filling of jobs with trained human resources, the promotion of the localization of jobs and the improvement of communication between technical and vocational schools and the business sector of the region.

It should be noted that within the framework of the two-day forum, specialized seminars are also organized to get acquainted with the programs of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and to get acquainted with the programs of the Social Development Bank and the Fund of human resources development Hadaf. .


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