150 students participate in the Academic Olympiad


Islamabad: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) were the stars of today’s inaugural Academic Olympiad in which over 150 students in grades 4-7 from 29 public schools underserved communities in the federal capital took part in a series of interactive activities that tested their knowledge. of STEM.

“Teach For Pakistan”, in partnership with the Federal Directorate of Education and the US Department of State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund, organized the one-day STEM Olympiad to promote the interest in STEM among young people, especially young girls.

“The math problems these kids were solving in fractions of seconds, I would find it hard to understand even without a time limit,” said Khadija Shahper Bakhtiar, CEO of Teach For Pakistan.

“Our school has always had a science lab, but our ‘Teach For Pakistan Fellows’ not only increased our interest in STEM, they also showed us how to work on science projects using the equipment we have,” said Sadia, a 7th grade student. from IMCG, Tarnol and a STEM Olympiad participant.

After a full day of activities, students in grades 4-5 from IMCG, Margalla, won the title of Junior STEM Olympians, and students in grades 6-7 from IMCG, Tarnol have been named Senior STEM Olympians.

Tooba Akhter, Director of Operations at Teach For Pakistan, said, “Through this project, we also had a wonderful opportunity to equip all our students with basic but necessary learning resources such as dictionaries, geometry boxes and science kits that help them prepare for competition and help them in their learning. “Around 4,000 such kits have been distributed to students at our partner public schools in Tarnol, Sihala, Bhara Kahu and Nilore regions around Islamabad,” Akhter added.

Addressing the closing ceremony at the Jinnah Convention Centre, Mohyuddin Wani, Additional Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Skills Training, reiterated the government’s commitment to expanding STEM programs and the importance of including young women in curricular and extracurricular activities. “Students should use STEM as a critical thinking tool to move Pakistan forward,” he said.

Events such as the Olympiad build the confidence of young women and empower them to break gender stereotypes attached to STEM competence. Of the 150 participants in the STEM Olympiad, 115 were girls.


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