A solid year for ServiceIQ despite the impacts of COVID


COVID-19, planning for a “lift and shift” transition, and rapidly changing customer needs and demand are just some of the challenges facing the service industry training organization, ServiceIQ, faced last year.

Despite this, it was a year of many successes, as its 2021 annual report highlights.

Board Chairman Bruce Robertson notes that the organization has a lot to celebrate. “ServiceIQ has had tremendous success in continuing to meet the current needs of employers and interns. Additionally, it has also maintained high quality and standards at every stage, while planning – and implementing – change stemming from the Government’s Generational Change Vocational Education Reform (RoVE). Coping with the challenges of COVID-19 has been taken on like just more bumps in the road. It was exceptional.

The organization’s chief executive, Andrew McSweeney, says the ServiceIQ team can be particularly proud of how they have remained focused on delivering excellent customer service. “The dedication and enthusiasm of the people who are ServiceIQ is proven when, despite the obvious challenges in 2021, our customer satisfaction metrics continued to climb from already high levels, and a better than expected operating surplus of 1 $.6 million has been reached.”

Highlights of the year include extremely successful efforts to bring learning to retail to life. “This has been rewarded with strong attendance and – equally pleasing – great progress has been made with other learning offerings,” notes Andrew McSweeney.

“We recognize the importance of the employer support provided by the government’s Apprenticeship Boost program and the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund for our apprentices in the retail, hospitality and aviation sectors. These sectors may continue to grapple with the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, but they continue to understand and support workplace training and the value it provides now and for the future, especially as we see COVID recede, many labor demands will be evident given the talent. shortages in many of our sectors.

ServiceIQ has also seen success in the latter area with, despite the challenges of lockdown for schools and workplaces, a 34% increase in Gateway students. “More than 2,500 young Kiwis have discovered how our service sectors offer both valuable career options and learning and qualification opportunities. While COVID-19 caused delays and presented health and safety challenges, our team was also able to deliver two important initiatives: a series of events that connected students with employers , giving them a behind-the-scenes look at various workplaces; and well-received professional development days across the country, attended by more than 100 teachers.

ServiceIQ’s 2021 Annual Report notes that it will be the last for the organization as, on July 1, 2022, it will ‘rise and pass’ to Te Pūkenga’s Work Based Learning Limited subsidiary, joining the three training organizations of industry who have already made the transition, and others who will move in the second half of the year.

Andrew McSweeney says ServiceIQ has continued to keep its customers fully informed and their interests front and center, while keeping staff engaged, informed and motivated to continue providing excellent service.

“It seems like a long time since the announcement of the RoVE reforms three years ago. Much remains to be done before we can see the benefits of this unprecedented structural change as new RoVE entities establish themselves, develop effective working relationships, engage more with industry and, most importantly, produce clearly better results than the old system. left behind.

“For our service industry clients, this should mean more employers engaging in vocational education, their employees developing more capabilities and skills, resulting in a more productive workforce. and valued, much higher participation and achievement rates for all learners, especially Maori and those less well-off. served by the current system, a demonstrable return on investment – the vocational training expenditure of approximately $1.1 billion per year is enormous, and a system that is more flexible, dynamic and customer-focused than future employers in the services will adopt.

“We are through 2021 and heading into 2022, with customers and staff very engaged and aware of the potential RoVE can offer. Together, we are working hard to do our part to ensure the changes produce positive results and make a real difference. That’s what we’re here for. »

ServiceIQ’s 2021 Annual Report is online at www.serviceiq.org.nz/about-us/corporate-documents/

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