ACLU Virginia Hosted Forum for Hanover Transgender Community Evening After School Board Vote | Education


“After six years of litigation, the Gloucester County School Board recently agreed to pay the ACLU and ACLU-VA over $ 1.3 million in legal fees,” the letter reads. “The district’s decision turned out to be costly and completely preventable.

The ACLU letter said, in part, that “… while a number of school districts have recently adopted policies consistent with state law, others have refused to do so. This blatant disregard for state law and VDOE guidelines is misinformed and can subject school districts to unwanted litigation. ”

Further, “school boards and their insurers are not the only ones paying a high price for their decisions. Commonwealth taxpayers are ultimately forced to bear the financial burden of failure by school boards to respect student rights.” indicates the letter. . But “the fiscal cost of non-compliance is paltry compared to the emotional and physical costs faced by transgender and non-binary students.”

He also said that “if your school district refuses to adopt such policies, the ACLU-VA will not hesitate to take action on behalf of the students or parents who are aggrieved.”

But locally, Hanover isn’t the only school division adopting policies that specifically omit bathroom requirements.

Henrico County adopted transgender policies in August, using the VDOE model policies as a guide. But, as in Hanover, the revisions were added to existing policies regarding student records and data transmission, participation in extracurricular or curriculum-based programs, and community partnerships. When asked to confirm that Henrio did not have a specific policy on the use of the toilet by transgender people, Henry’s communications director, Eileen Cox, replied “correct”.


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