Bail given to accused for good conduct in Bennett Rebello murder case


A lower court has granted bail to two conflicting minors accused of the murder of Vakola-based musician Bennett Rebello. The court reviewed the probation officer’s report which indicated that the duo had good conduct in the observation house.

The musician was reportedly murdered by his adopted daughter and her underage boyfriend. The help of her boyfriend, who is an adult, helped them get rid of the body.

At the time of her arrest in 2019, the girl was underage. However, she is now 19 years old. In its order, the court said: “Has taken cognizance of the probation officer’s report which indicates that the applicant is considered a curious girl with good behavior. He further stated that she had a passion for learning and actively participated in all professional activities and courses such as computer and mehendi classes. She showed interest in expanding her knowledge.

He said that an NGO Prayas was working with the girl and was ready to take responsibility for education and rehabilitation. His mother is ready to take custody, said judge Kalpana K Patil.

Meanwhile, the boy is now 18 and busy reading books, the court said. In addition, an NGO is ready to assume its responsibility for rehabilitation, while his father is ready to take his care.

Their lawyer informed the court that under the Juvenile Justice Act, children in conflict with the law have the right to be released on bail, regardless of the offense committed. Only if their release on bail could cause them harm, could it be refused in exceptional circumstances. They went on to say that the duo had passed Class X and wanted to continue their education.

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Posted on: Sunday September 19, 2021 12:49 am IST

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