Board receives update on OHIO Guarantee + graduation plan


The Ohio University Board of Trustees received an update on the implementation of the OHIO Guarantee + graduation plan at its August meetings.

The Board also approved the FY22 budget, along with a new six-year capital improvement plan, at its meetings August 19-20 in Athens.

Guaranteed Graduation Plan +

Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Sayrs and Associate Vice Provost Jen Murphy presented an overview of the Guarantee + OHIO graduation plan, which creates an individualized experience for every OHIO student with a clear timeline for the Graduation. The OHIO + Guarantee, first announced last year, was launched in fall 2020 and will be fully rolled out over the next three years.

Throughout their college career, students will meet regularly with a professional academic advisor – their success coach – who will help them integrate meaningful extracurricular experiences into their graduation plan and engage in the exploration process. careers. Three distinct areas – counseling, professional and experiential learning – will redefine the student experience at OHIO, creating a coordinated care approach that builds integrated teams around each student and individualized support structures for each OHIO student who opt for the program. These individualized graduation plans are tailored to the program and the student.

Budget for the year ’22

The board approved the operating budget for fiscal 22, which is aligned with the six-year capital improvement plan and the fiscal 22 capital plan.

The budget continues to be affected by the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The spending strategies adopted in the FY22 budget were presented in the context of the financial impact of COVID-19, as well as multi-year revenue assumptions from state operating support and tuition fees. and net costs, as well as strategies to limit the use of reserves.

As approved by the board in June 2021, room and board rates for the FY22 Ohio Guarantee Cohort were set by the Chairman in consultation with the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Resources Committee, and in accordance with the draft State Budget Law. The room and meal fee schedule that has been adopted gives students and their families more choices to choose for themselves the room and meal plan that best suits them; reduces the annual cost of a traditional single room, making it equal to the cost of a traditional double room; and aligns cost options and amenities to provide diverse choices for students and families while maintaining the quality of the residential experience.

Capital improvement plan

The Board approved an update to the six-year capital improvement plan for fiscal years 23-28, as well as the annual capital improvement plan (PAC) for fiscal year 22. The six-year CIP is a comprehensive capital investment prioritization plan for our planned physical environment across all OHIO campuses. The CIP defines the financing strategies and dependencies that will guide capital investments during the plan and includes a summary of major projects, areas of interest (such as scheduling and deferred maintenance) and aligns with objectives of the University.

The biennial state capital budget proposals for fiscal years 23-24 are incorporated into the six-year CIP and will be submitted for approval in accordance with submission dates and state guidelines.

Capital projects

Council approved four capital projects that meet deferred maintenance needs. They understand:

  • Phase II HVAC and Energy Efficiency Improvements at Ohio University Lancaster: This $ 3.7 million project will build on work completed in Phase One, including distribution ducts and terminals , air handling units and direct upgrades to digital controls.
  • Class Gate Tunnel Rehabilitation: This $ 2.6 million project, the University’s highest priority deferred maintenance item, will address tunnel systems issues in the Class Gate and East Union Street area that are in need urgent repair. This project will include significant road impacts on East Union and College streets during construction.
  • Campus Steam System Repairs: This $ 600,000 project will focus on delivering steam to campus and upgrading tunnels to aging campus infrastructure.
  • Peden Boiler and Domestic Hot Water Tank Replacement: This $ 500,000 project will replace the boilers and hot water tanks at Peden Stadium that have passed their useful life.

Marketing and registration update

University leaders provided an update on marketing and enrollment priorities for FY22, including how the university’s communications and marketing and enrollment management are working together to increase visibility of the university, as well as improved effectiveness and efficiency.

Marketing and enrollment priorities impacting Athens, online and regional undergraduates, graduate and online professional programs were discussed.

Regional trustee proposal

President Hugh Sherman presented a proposal to add a regional trustee the composition of the Foundation Board. The discussion included the definition of a “regional director”, determining the value of the change in board composition and the process for investigating a change in the board.

In other cases, the Council:

  • Approved FY22 uses of Century Bond funding as included in the FY22 Annual Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Received an update on maintenance, operations and sustainability, an overview of facility operations which included key performance indicators and a peer review for FY19. The presentation included the annual update on sustainability, as well as a detailed analysis of utility consumption.
  • Approved a 25 year easement for the Ohio Power Company for the power transmission lines near the Elliot substation in Athens. The board initially approved the easement in 2020, but upon further examination, Ohio Power discovered that the easement area in the renewed easement was incorrect.
  • Received an update on the current state of union contracts, as well as the main provisions of the tentative agreement recently negotiated with AFSCME 3200.
  • Elected Deb Shaffer Treasurer of the Board of Directors from August 21, 2021 to August 29, 2021, and Joe Trubacz Treasurer of the Board of Directors from August 30, 2021 to June 30, 2022.
  • Status emeritus approved for retirees from the University.
  • Received an update on the Ohio University Music Industry Summit, which has grown into a nationally recognized event for industry education and engagement since its inception in 2018.
  • Received an update on student engagement for fall 2021, including goals from the Student Affairs Division, plans for the fall semester and the Make Respect Visible campaign developed in conjunction with Communications and University Marketing and the Diversity and Inclusion Division.
  • Received an update from Intercollegiate Athletics on local, state and national developments related to intercollegiate athletics. This includes an overview of fiscal year 21 revenues and the impacts of the pandemic, recent head coach transitions and realignment of administrative staff resources, and the national varsity athletics landscape.
  • Presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, Deb Shaffer, for her service to the University.

The full agenda of the Board of Directors is available at


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