Can you move sideways in your career and still love it? Chloe thinks so


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With the so-called Great Resignation looming, many people may be looking for new opportunities.

If you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling with your current role or wondering if you’ve found your calling, it might be time to look at other opportunities to advance your career. But changing course may involve education or training options, and finding a solution that works for your job can be difficult.

What if you could do both?

Chloe Brewer found herself doing just that when she joined Communities at Work almost a decade ago. She got her start with the organization as a university student doing an internship at its Richardson Education and Child Care Center while studying to become an elementary school teacher.

Since then, she has moved through the various departments of the organization, from an educator to leadership roles in long-term care and outside of school hours, to currently working as a trainer/evaluator in her organization. approved training centre, the Center for Vocational Learning and Education. (CPLE).

“Shortly after completing my placement, I was offered full-time employment at the Richardson Child Care and Education Centre. After some thought, I decided to take the opportunity. And I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to jump into something where it’s a closed door. So I researched Communities at Work and looked at how many different opportunities there could be if I joined the organization,” says Chloe.

She learned that the award-winning community organization offered careers in a variety of fields such as children’s services, services for the elderly and disabled, and community support services, alongside entrepreneurial roles in the human resources, finance and ICT. Hoping to one day work as a teacher or trainer, Chloe was particularly intrigued by the fact that Communities at Work also offered vocational training at CPLE.

“They offered to help me with my studies, and the manager was also very supportive and told me that she would advise me to gain leadership experience,” says Chloe.

Chloe started working full-time at Communities at Work as a trainee educator, completing the Early Childhood Education diploma, then became a preschool room team leader. Then, thanks to the sponsorship of Communities at Work, she studied a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and received significant support to complete her studies and internships.

In 2016, Chloé went on maternity leave. When she returned to work, she was able to expand her experience even further by working in both after-school child care (before and after school care) and child care centers ( day care).

“It was great because I had always wanted to explore that interest of working with elementary-aged kids, and I hadn’t had a lot of that yet, and I absolutely loved it,” Chloe says.

“Communities at Work supported this passion I had to one day be a teacher, and I was able to fulfill that need without having to leave the organization.”

In 2017, Chloe was offered the opportunity to once again move in a new direction, this time as a trainer/assesser with CPLE. She loves the role, training future educators (as she once did) and has been working there ever since.

“The career opportunities within the organization are numerous. You can move not only upwards, but also laterally in your career. You could start as an educator, but who knows where you might end up in a few years,” says Chloe.

And that’s true not just for Chloe, but for many other employees like her. In fact, the organization’s CEO, Lee Maiden, was once an educator with the organization – along with several members of its leadership team, including the Director of Children’s Services and their Director of Social Programs and Volunteerism. (community support services).

Communities at Work is a three-time winner of the ‘Large Employer of the Year’ award at the ACT Training Awards, and its CPLE team provides vocational education and training in the childcare and business sectors.

It offers flexible and distance learning, personalized training plans, individual trainer support, blended theoretical and practical study, and a variety of funded study options. Although training with CPLE can lead to a wide range of career options elsewhere, there are also many opportunities within Workplace Communities.

CPLE is focused on ‘own growth’, and there are potential employment opportunities with Communities at Work’s six diverse program areas or in organizational or corporate support roles. Thus, training can lead to an enviable career, just as it did for Chloe.

CPLE currently has a limited number of places available to study a Certificate III (CHC30121) or Diploma (CHC50113) in Early Childhood Education and Care for FREE as part of JobTrainer*. There are also rolling admissions throughout the year for both qualifications and a Certificate III in Business (BSB30120) qualification.

*JobTrainer is an initiative jointly funded by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments.

Communities at Work is a Registered Training Organization (RTO 88148) that operates as a Center for Professional Learning and Education, commonly referred to as “CPLE”.


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