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Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities OM Sherekhova, LN Yusupov and TM Tatarina organized and held a career counseling meeting with grade 9 students of the Special Arts School No. 1 in Petrozavodsk.
Choosing a future profession is the most difficult choice for schoolchildren. It is not easy to make the right choice among the variety of universities, so it is important to organize career counseling events in advance, when the student has enough time to compare study prospects. at different universities in Russia. Class teachers in schools conduct career counseling conversations and testing with students, but a live meeting with representatives from a higher education institution motivates and inspires students considerably, they themselves admit. .

As the survey of schoolchildren showed, students of the third year are very attracted by the prospect of studying in their native country, but they are unfamiliar with the flagship university of Karelia. At the request of the students, PetrSU teachers talked about the PetrSU 2021 admissions campaign. They talked in detail about the passing grade and the document submission process. We introduced school children to the university’s website and the handy online resources “PetrSU Landmark” and “Navigator” for future applicants. In addition to general information about PetrSU, the ninth graders were interested in learning conditions, taking into account individual achievements and popular directions for admission over the past year. The possibility of benefiting from an increased scholarship in the event of particular achievements in academic, scientific or sporting activities made the schoolchildren happy.

At the arts school, children study in several creative fields, and students of the “Fine Arts” specialty were particularly interested in the prospect of studying at PetrSU according to their profile. The teachers talked about the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology. The artists were attracted by the current orientation of the training, which trains specialists in graphic design, which makes it possible to find jobs as draftsmen in publishing houses, printing houses, design offices, design agencies. advertising, etc.

We thank Olga Mikhailovna Lunina, teacher of class 9 “A” of the Specialized School of Arts N ° 1, for her help in organizing the meeting,

– noted the organizers of the event.


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