Caring Sisters of Anlo raises funds to rejuvenate vocational school


Members of the Benevolent Sisters of the traditional region of Anlo

The Caring Sisters of the traditional Anlo area on Tuesday raised funds to give her school, the Caring Sisters Vocational Institute in Tegbi, Volta region, a facelift and make it more conducive to learning. teaching and learning.

During the fundraising ceremony in Accra, the Association was also relaunched to revitalize its union and refocus its activities.

Ms Samira Bawumia, the vice president’s wife, who honored the occasion as guest of honor, said it was time to change the rhetoric that boys get a lot of attention when it comes to education for girls.

She reiterated that discrimination against women and girls must end, adding that it is time to act, not talk.

Women who lose their lives in childbirth, victims of sexual and gender-based violence and girls who have not been to school because of their gender, need the collective support of all to relive their lives, said Ms. Bawumia.

She therefore called on the public to support the Benevolent Sisters to enable them to unleash the potential of young people through vocational training, as their empowerment benefits society and the nation as a whole.

Ms Sese Gadzekpo, President of the Association, said the Association remains deeply committed to complementing government efforts to expand vocational education to a wider student body in the region.

To this end, Caring Sisters recently donated computers, computer desks and printers to the school to ensure that students have access to computer tools that could enable them to keep up with the world of today.

It also carried out renovations to the old vocational school and replaced its windows, appliances and paintings.

She said the Association would develop mentorship programs and facilitate internships with successful businesses as part of the training to enable girls to gain exposure and hands-on work experience.

“Our larger vision is to position the school as one of the best, if not the best vocational training institution in Ghana, as well as to leverage the school as a platform to promote unique aspects of culture. Anlo through cuisine, language and crafts, ”she said. added.

Ms. Gadzekpo explained that previously the Institute only admitted girls, but now admits both sexes from Tegbi and surrounding communities, including Keta and Anloga and the whole country.

“We need funds to rehabilitate the existing block, rebuild the surrounding wall, the floors, clean the restoration and clothing workshops and equip them with the necessary equipment.

“The catering workshop must have refrigerators, stoves, kitchen utensils and other top-notch equipment,” she added.

Caring Sisters is a non-profit women’s organization founded over 30 years ago with the aim of providing education for girls in the traditional area of ​​Anlo.

Its members are mainly from the traditional region of Anlo and were founded under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Sika Baeta of Flair Catering Services.

The Institute on the other hand, was created after the formation of the Association by the mothers of the current members of the Association and has currently trained more than 500 girls in catering and clothing making.


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