City Council approves funds for construction of CTE center in Minot


Technical and vocational education receives a major boost in Minot after authorities approved funding for a vocational and technical education center.

City council approved $ 3.4 million in resilience funds for the renovation of an old building.

The building, formerly owned by Trinity Health, will be transformed into a CTE center.

Minot State University initially bought the building for $ 800,000 about a month ago.

These funds came from the MAGIC Fund and the installation was then handed over to its partner institution, Dakota College in Bottineau.

Board Chair and CTE Committee Chair Lisa Olson welcomed the decision.

“This is only our next step, Mr. Mayor, we are on the right track and we will continue to move forward, but it is just an important point that we are at and happy to go into. right direction, ”she said.

The new vocational and technical education center is expected to attract students to Minot and surrounding communities.

“Often when they move they are sometimes offered positions close to the university and they may not come back to Minot or they may not come back to central state,” said Dr Jean Migler, dean of the DCB campus.

Migler said this is the benefit that a CTE education could bring to the economy of the Minot region.

“From an economic development point of view, one of the advantages of having a CTE center in Minot is that we will probably recruit from the north-central region of the state and they can study in Minot and the chances are really good, they will stay in the area, ”he said.

The facility could be ready for use by fall 2023. At present, authorities are looking for an architect to design and plan the renovation.

The project is a partnership between the city of Minot, the Minot State University Foundation, Dakota College de Bottineau, Trinity Medical Center and the Minot Area Chamber EDC.


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