Council to transform dementia day services in Macclesfield


July 25, 2022

The provision of dementia day opportunities at Macclesfield will undergo a transformation, with services provided from the Brocklehurst Center moving to a dedicated dementia unit at the Mayfield Centre.

The Brocklehurst Center in Macclesfield was one of the day service buildings which was unable to remain operational due to the impact of Covid-19 and remained closed, while people who attended the service had access to alternative support.

A process of consultation and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including direct input from people with dementia and their carers, took place between February and May 2022 on both the future of the Brocklehurst Center and on the future of Dementia Day opportunities at Macclesfield.

Some of the key themes and comments when considering future service delivery focused on social interaction and friendship as important factors for people attending dementia days. Having a safe and secure building is also a key consideration, along with helpful, friendly and highly trained staff. That the service was local and accessible to residents of Macclesfield was another key factor for those attending and their carers.

Clr Jill RhodesCouncilor Jill Rhodes, chair of Cheshire East Council’s Adult and Health Committee, said: ‘We want people with dementia to enjoy interesting and varied lives where they can live well at home and be as independent as possible.

“The covid pandemic has severely affected dementia day services to operate at full capacity and unfortunately some services have remained closed.

“To better meet the future needs of people who have access to dementia day opportunities at Macclesfield, it makes sense to move the service to the Mayfield Center where there is greater opportunity for development, it is on a site more large with more capacity and could be used to develop different indoor and outdoor activities.”

Some of the benefits of relocating to the Mayfield Center include:

  • Better facilities, including wider hallways, accessible washrooms and bathing facilities to support people with personal care needs
  • Sustain the service against any resurgence of Covid-19 with greater space to facilitate social distancing
  • The ability to support more people and people with multiple care needs at one site, including people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and the elderly as well as people with dementia
  • Greater scope for future development of services as Mayfield is on a larger site and developing different activities both indoors and outdoors, and;
  • The opportunity to reuse the Brocklehurst Center site in a different way for the benefit of the local community.

For more information on dementia support and services in Cheshire East, visit the Cheshire East Council’s People with Dementia webpage or go to the Alzheimer’s Society website to find support near you.


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