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The central school district of Dansville will be closed on Friday as the district switches to distance learning, which is due to start on Monday following an increase in COVID-19 cases and a staff shortage.

There have been 44 COVID-19 cases of students and active employees in the district, including 33 students, District Superintendent Paul J. Alioto said in a letter posted to the district’s website Thursday.

The switch to distance learning is expected to last until November 30. The term covers five days of scheduled lessons. The neighborhood is closed November 24-26 for Thanksgiving Break.

The district plans to resume normal operations on December 1.

On Friday, district facilities and school buses will undergo additional cleaning and disinfection. There will be no classes, extracurricular activities or distance learning on Friday, according to the letter.

The district will provide transportation for students with disabilities attending out-of-district programs in Mount Morris and private special education placements on Fridays and throughout the distance learning period. The district will transport vocational and technical education students starting Monday and throughout the distance learning period between Dansville High School and the May Center in Mount Morris; parents or guardians will need to provide transportation to and from high school.

Alioto said the reasons for the transition “are on many levels” and have been influenced by several factors. Among them:

m The number of active COVID-19 cases, which include 33 students and 11 employees.

m Over the past nine days of school, the district has maintained a range of positives between 30 and 45 cases. “We dropped a few of them over the weekend and our quarantines fell more than 40% on Monday, but the positive and quarantine numbers rose again,” Alioto wrote.

m Staff absences and a shortage of replacements in each department prevented the district from filling key positions every day. “In transportation, we have combined bus rides that bring passengers together for longer periods of time,” Alioto wrote.

m Positive regional rates in Finger Lakes and Livingston County and local rates are at their highest level since the start of the pandemic, Alioto wrote. In the Dansville zip code, there were 75 active cases as of Thursday, representing 25% of the active cases in Livingston County. “The realization that there are many local undiagnosed cases is another factor contributing to the decision to make this transition,” wrote Alioto.

Alioto also noted that last year there had been an increase in positivity rates after the Thanksgiving holiday, when active cases were much lower.

“We can expect the same to happen this year as the positivity is much higher,” Alioto said.

“When a transmission has occurred, symptoms of COVID-19 usually appear 3 to 5 days after close contact with a positive. Since days four and five of the post-Thanksgiving period will be Monday 11/29 and Tuesday 11/30, it is best to keep students at home so that we do not send pre-positive students. symptomatic in contact with each other. in class or on the school bus, ”he wrote.

A COVID-19 vaccination clinic for children aged 5 to 11 will continue as scheduled on November 20 from 10 a.m. to noon at the cafeteria of Dansville High School, 282 Main Street. The clinic is by appointment only. To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/ydtyjenn.

Sports practices and musical rehearsals will also resume on Saturday and will continue after the end of the school day throughout the distance learning period.

Meals will be provided by pickup only during the entire distance learning period. Parents can contact Ritary Morrow directly at (585) 335-4010 ext. 1407 to organize the service. The catering service will be closed on November 19.

The college building will remain open for BOCES, GCC and YMCA during the distance learning period.

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