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The design of the new Simon Sanchez High School campus may only be 30% complete, but stakeholders have been impressed with its appearance so far.

The design was long awaited by teachers, administrators, students and officials at the Guam Department of Education who put on paper – 25 pages – what they wanted to see in a new facility.

It was in 2015.

However, delays caused by supply issues and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic have meant little work could be done.

On Tuesday evening, Tanaguchi Ruth Makio Architects took the community on a virtual tour of what the campus could look like when complete.

The design is expected to be 60% complete by November. Construction is expected to begin next year and the two construction phases, which will provide the school with more than 90 classrooms, its own cafeteria, a brand new gymnasium, auditorium, shooting range and athletics track. complete, will be completed in 2024.

The design includes skylights, connects textured walls, which combine with cost-effective construction as well as eco-friendly and energy-efficient features, the architects noted.

Phase 1

The 282,000 square foot design for Phase 1 of the new campus includes flexible learning spaces for 1,900 students. There are 94 classrooms housed in various buildings, which will incorporate skylights to bring natural light into the learning environments.

“Each classroom is 30 feet by 32 feet (that’s) longer than the traditional or usual classroom spaces we have here, which are 30 feet by 30 feet. This allows storage and shelving not to encroach on the room. classroom space and allows for greater flexibility of custom layouts, “said architect Elmer Prudente Jr ..” Overall, the proposed campus contains 94 classrooms to meet the basic requirements of the school, including Business, Family, Consumer Science, General Education, Fine Art, Elective, Physical Education, Guam Community College programs, and the Junior Program ROTC.

The new facility will even have space for an indoor shooting range for the JROTC program.

The Sharks will finally have their own cafeteria after decades of sharing a cafeteria with FB College Leon Guerrero.

The new cafeteria will be able to accommodate around 440 students.

“And the kitchen is offered for use in the satellite kitchen, to prepare meals for other schools nearby,” Prudente said. “The school’s program and curriculum includes seven CCG programs, classrooms and facilities are also provided for these. “

Earn graduation credits

The new facility will also have a free-standing building to house a credit collection facility.

“This separate credit recovery facility from the main campus and this structure consists of four classrooms, a staff lounge, a dining room, an office space, a large classroom space. storage and toilets, ”said Prudente.

High traffic buildings such as the gymnasium and auditorium have been strategically placed in front of the school’s main campus to reduce unnecessary pedestrian traffic after school hours.

The 12,000 square foot auditorium will accommodate 250 to 300 students at a time. The design of the auditorium focused on musical performances, but the architects of TRMA said that it could also host theatrical performances.

A new gymnasium will be able to accommodate 864 students.

It will include a full-size court, changing rooms, three classroom spaces and enough storage for their inter-school sports and extracurricular activities, according to Cedric Cruz, principal architect of TRMA.

Also at the front of the campus is the administration building, the controlled entry point. The main office and other school offices such as the nurse’s office and counselors’ offices will be on the first floor, and the second floor will be a library.

Construction will take place in two phases, to allow educational activities at the existing SSHS facility to continue uninterrupted. The new SSHS campus will be built south of the existing facility.

Transfer of students

During construction of phase 1, students will be accommodated in the old facility. When phase 1 is completed, students will be transferred to the new facility and the old facility will be demolished to begin construction of phase 2.

When phase two of the project is completed, Simon Sanchez High School will finally be able to organize other sports activities outside the gymnasium.

“The project proposes to include an athletic running track surrounding the football and soccer fields… several baseball and softball tennis courts, and a multi-use field to be shared with FB Leandro Middle School,” said Careful.

The proposed campus will have a large car park with 458 spaces to accommodate the parking lot of professors, staff, students and visitors.

The eight buildings on campus will form a courtyard large enough for assemblies, lunches and breaks. The traffic flow for students was designed to alleviate the traffic jams observed at the current facilities and at the FBLG.

“This made it possible to widen the existing road to create turning lanes that help alleviate traffic,” said Cruz.

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