Deutsch Connect Partners Rydings College


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Afrocentric Startup Deutsch Connect, based in Germany, has partnered with Zimbabwean school Rydings College to offer German lessons to students at the institution.

According to Deutsch Connect’s Head of Languages, Mr. Malven Mambo said that Deutsch Connect is looking to partner with more schools and institutions in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Mr Mambo said they would also offer job placement, matchmaking with a German school, travel to Germany and links to opportunities with German universities and vocational schools.

“The current global situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has enabled us to create more innovative approaches to foreign language learning that increase engagement.

“It allows learners to have regular live interaction with native speakers, exposes learners to the widest collection of training content possible, and provides great value to learners,” he said.

Mr. Mambo said Germany is ranked among the world’s top destinations for international students with over 370 universities, globally recognized student programs, affordable tuition and work opportunities, and job prospects. future for international students.

“Germany’s dual vocational training program (Ausbildung) is the best in the world for enabling young people to work and learn at the same time,” he said.

Mr Vambe from Rydings College said he was excited about the partnership with Deutsch Connect and looked forward to links in Germany.

Deutsch Connect is a member of the Make IT Alliance (the largest organization of German technology companies), the German Chamber of Commerce AG, IHK Lüneburg/Wolsburg, as well as a partnership with AG Career Hub, the SRH University of Berlin, the Berlin Startup School.

He has worked with universities such as European Business University, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, University of Applied Sciences (Koblenz), University of Applied Sciences (Ausburg) and Jacobs University Bremen.

In March 2022, Deutsch Connect launched its Deutsch Connect Academy which offers learners more interaction with tutors while benefiting from the latest opportunities from Germany.

During the same period, Germany enacted the Skilled Immigrant Visa which makes it easier for skilled people with a B1 German language certificate to find employment in the European country.


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