Dhandra resident wife indicted for extortion and uploaded obscene photos of woman


Sarabha Nagar police have accused a Dhandra resident and his wife of blackmail, extortion and posting obscene photos and videos of a woman online.

According to the 39-year-old, when she refused to give the defendant money, he uploaded her obscene photos and videos to social media sites and defamed her. The woman also alleged that the defendant’s wife was also involved in her blackmail.

The accused was identified as Sarabpreet Singh Matharu of Preet Vihar of Dhandra, and his wife, Mansippi Matharu.

The complainant, who lives in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, said she knew the accused. The accused helped her brother find a suitable partner for her, after which she became close to him.

The woman added that the defendant established physical relations with her and also captured her lewd photos and videos. Later, the accused began to blackmail her for money.

The woman said she had already given 5 lakh to the accused, but he demanded 5 lakh more and threatened her to make her photos and videos viral on social media sites.

When she refused to give him more money, the accused uploaded her photos and videos to various websites and WhatsApp groups.

Inspector Satbir Singh, SHO, Sarabha Nagar Police Station said the woman filed a complaint on July 22. The FIR was filed following an investigation.

The defendants were convicted under sections 384 (extortion) of the ICC, sections 66E (invasion of privacy), 67 (publication or transmission of obscene material in electronic form) and 67A (publication or transmission of material containing an act sexually explicit, etc., in electronic form) of the Information Technology Act. A hunt is open for the arrest of the accused.


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