Expanding Opportunities: Dan Kozlowski Strives to Provide Students with the Tools They Need to Succeed |


“My philosophy is, ‘How can I involve as many organizations as possible?’ although it doesn’t seem like a natural fit, ”he said.

The year before Sister Sobieck’s infamous pitch, Kozlowski worked with the White Sox to have the Marian Catholic Marching Band perform at one of the games during “Star Wars” night.

“I was able to bring together over 1,200 people for a game,” he said. “We had several hundred students in the field and their parents and grandparents in the stands. Something as small as spending a night there turned into a big thing, and it allowed us to pitch with our nun the following year.

His work in the region has helped the Big Shoulders Fund team expand into Northwest Indiana. This initiative to more effectively serve students and families in the area would not be possible without the support of the community, including Beth and Bruce White of White Lodging, he said.

“We spent the first two years of this initiative building relationships with schools and principals, and now that we have a pretty good understanding of it, we’re ready to dig deeper into these schools and bring in experts from academic fields. . to make sure principals and teachers have the help they need, ”Kozlowski said.

In addition to working to expand opportunities for all students through STEM scholarship, enrichment, and summer programs, Kozlowski helps develop leadership programs for students and works with schools to give them the tools to they need to promote themselves in the community.

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