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Vocational and technical education (skills education) has been described as expensive and requires joint funding to reach and train qualified graduates in order to reduce the flow of graduates into the labor market.
Synergy between the private sector and government to raise funds in the Rivers State Education Trust Fund with the private sector, government, parents and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that s Combining to help finance skills education would make public education an innovation-driven institution even more.
Speaking to reporters shortly after the 5th Annual Vocational and Technical Education Faculty, University of Education conference Ignatius Ajuru, director of the university’s Ndele campus and professor of industrial and technical education, the Professor Isaac Ogunde said Rivers State needed functional vocational and technical training. technical institution to improve its educational status and its economy in the face of the current economic downturn.
Ogundu described the conference theme “Innovation in Vocational and Technical Education for Optimal Productivity and Sustainability in the Era of Covid-19 in Nigeria” as appropriate, adding that the establishment of vocational and technical institutions, even in Rivers State, would help train an innovative workforce in different sectors of the state’s economy to meet international sustainable innovation systems.
Ogundu, who is also the chairman of the local organizing committee (LOC) of the conference, said: “At this conference, what we hope to achieve is how to create institutional innovations such as we recommend the creation of ‘institutions such as vocational colleges in almost all countries. Rivers State local government areas. I will recommend that Rivers State should have an educational college that will train the workforce required to drive this innovation at these facilities.
“It should also be noted here that there should be synergy between the private sector and government to raise funds like the Rivers State Education Trust Fund where the private sector, government, parents and non-governmental organizations would come together. to help finance this education because skills education is expensive. And when that is done, the companies in turn will bring their problems to the school for solutions and the students will also be independent after school, ”he said.
Earlier in his welcoming speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education of the IAUE, Professor Sixtus Anyanwu, noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life, transformed the economy and disrupted virtually all businesses, including the productivity of vocational education. and technical education.
According to him, education is a real tool for sustainable development and innovations have therefore become essential for optimal productivity and sustainability of the human race.

Anyanwu said: “In general, education is a real tool for sustainable development. However, a major challenge facing humanity today is to use the fruits of education in developing pathways that ensure sustainable lives so that the reasonable needs and wants of people from all walks of life can be met. satisfied ”.

He continued that “technological change stimulates long-term economic growth, productivity and improved living standards. Knowledge is dynamic and progressive from one age or stage to another. Thus, the skills learned in the dough may be outdated or irrelevant in providing solutions to contemporary challenges. Therefore, research and development must fill the void in order to continuously deliver innovations designed in such a way as to provide the elixir necessary for the challenges of humanity ”.

Anyanwu said the theme of the conference was aimed at gathering a confluence of ideas on the topic, claiming that “such a confluence of innovative ideas in vocational and technical education will not only optimize but ensure sustainable productivity in Nigeria at both during and after the Covid-19 era ”. .

The culmination of the conference includes the award of academic excellence to doctoral students in the faculty.

By: Lady Godknows Ogbulu


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