Florida Poly Academic Muscle Wins # 1 National “Champion”


With all due respect to the NCAA, you don’t have to have a top track and field program to be No.1. Few colleges can have a national championship athletic season – but we embrace work to own a national academic championship as often as possible.

Here at Florida Polytechnic University, we proudly shout it out for everyone to hear: we’re # 1! In its prestigious annual ranking of the best colleges, US News named Florida Poly as the best among southern public colleges. This is our first appearance on this list, and it’s certainly nice to start at the top – # 1.

The US News Rankings were just one of many great news items that together tell a very positive story about how our little university has a valuable presence in the high-tech I-4 corridor. Word got out: Florida Poly is a remarkable school providing exceptional STEM education to some of the state’s brightest minds – students who will soon take their place in shaping Florida’s high-tech economic future.

It’s more than just a ranking that recognizes how far Florida Poly has come in the seven years since its opening. We recently announced our first partnership with a Fortune 500 company, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), which will become the first tenant of a research park that we believe will soon attract huge investments and innovations to our campus. We believe this public-private partnership could pave the way for other high-tech companies to transform our stretch of I-4 into a modern version of Silicon Valley.

In the wake of this historic announcement, one of our esteemed faculty members received a two-year grant from the National Science Foundation to study the durability and longevity of critical 3D printed superalloy materials used in rockets and jet engines, to make sure they can withstand forever. increasing constraints.

You could certainly say Florida Poly is on a winning streak – but it’s important to recognize that, like with any winning team, those successes didn’t happen overnight. They are the result of a consistent and well-planned strategy to move the university from start-up to prominence. Best of all, each sign surely indicates that these recent achievements are just the beginning.

Technical research universities like Florida Poly are attracting the interest of high tech companies because they want access to the quality of graduates that we produce – the high demand, low supply type with the specialized skills and abilities that we all see. days. The Legislative Assembly and the Board of Governors have been saying for some time that they want Florida universities to offer programs that lead graduates to high-paying jobs in fields that will shape the future. This is exactly what we are doing.

Florida Poly is increasing US News’s ranking among engineering schools without a PhD, on track towards our goal of becoming one of the top 15 schools on this list as we seek to build our engineering school of distinction.

American businesses are discovering Florida Poly, as are the bright young Floridians who are the future. We ranked just behind Harvard – and ahead of Stanford – in WalletHub’s ranking for student career outcomes. And the enrollment numbers at Florida Poly shows just how much news is spreading – our new freshman class is 25% larger than a year ago, as we continue our model of deliberate growth.

Our outstanding performance in the US News Rankings, our new partnership with a Fortune 500 company, and our largest incoming class to date, among other accomplishments, are proof that Florida Poly has become a dynamic provider of STEM education, on par with some of the country’s best-known institutions. Our academic programs, which offer a highly tactile model with small class sizes and strong teaching experiences, continue to grow and provide a rich environment that fosters student development and success.

And we can do it all without the high overhead costs of some big universities. The same US News poll concluded that Florida Poly offers the best value for money of any public institution in Florida. Our modest tuition fees – less than $ 5,000 in the state – along with institutional financial aid and scholarships create a strong appeal for many talented students interested in affordable, high-level STEM education in a personal setting.

At Florida Poly we have our own kind of superstars and we are thrilled to be recognized for our academic achievement. Ultimately, it’s the kind of # 1 “championship” that will help shape the future.


Randy K. Advent, Ph.D. is the President of Florida Polytechnic University at Lakeland, the only public university in the state dedicated 100% to STEM.

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