Gambia: NAVSTI concludes digital marketing and online solutions training


The National Association of Vocational and Vocational Training Institutes (NAVSTI) recently concluded a 10-day training course on digital marketing and online solutions for 10 TVET institutions nationwide.

The training aimed to address digital marketing and management, as well as capacity gaps among TVET institutions in the country.

Abdoulie Sowe, President of NAVSTI, said training is important for institutions to develop a digital marketing strategy. “We all know that you can no longer rely solely on traditional advertising to promote your business or institution. You have to use digital marketing services for your business / institution to grow, ”he said.

Yusupha Keita, Technical Advisor and Skills Development Coordinator at ICT, said the training would enable the respective TVET institutions to integrate the skills learned into their delivery to support blended learning and data management, as well as to create visibility for their training programs.

Nduwuba Daniel, one of the Stratford College of Management attendees, said he had benefited a lot from the training. “I wouldn’t waste time incorporating what I learned here into the school system because it’s a good thing,” he said.

The training funded by the International Trade Center (ITC) was the result of an ITC skills gap analysis and needs analysis survey for TVET institutions. Some of the gaps identified by the survey included the use of social media marketing, the lack of qualified personnel in web development skills, and the use of service delivery systems such as online payment systems, library electronic and online classroom management, among others.


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