HBS Rock Center for Entrepreneurship Announces 2022-2023 Rock Executive Fellows, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Venture Capital Advisors and Lawyers-in-Residence – News


BOSTON—The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School (HBS) announced the Rock Executive Fellows, Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, Venture Capital Advisors, and Lawyers-In-Residence for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The Rock Executive Scholars (REF) are comprised of four non-academic affiliates/practitioners who support and contribute to the Rock Center’s extensive programming through a rich set of extracurricular and curricular activities. REF is a one-year program appointed by the Dean of HBS.

The 2022-2023 Rock Executive Fellows and their current companies are:

The 15 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiR), 12 of whom are HBS graduates, have founded, sold or floated successful companies in the technology, consumer products, healthcare, biotechnology, media and entertainment, among others. These EiRs are available several times a year to meet MBA students one-on-one, help facilitate Rock Center programs, and work with faculty on research and course development.

This year’s Entrepreneurs in Residence are:

    -Marty Blue (BA 1986), CarGurus, Reebok
    -Stacey Boyd (MBA 1997), Olivela, Schoola
    -DJ Didonna (MBA 2010), The sabbatical project
    -Dawn Dobras (MBA 1995) Credo Beauty/ General public start-up
    -Ralph Folz, WordStream, Molecular
    -Rob Gierkink, Datalogix (MBA 1991), Air Miles, Flashfood, Index
    -Sarah Kauss (MBA 2003), Avignon Partners, S’well
    -Sarah Leary (MBA 1998), Next Door
    -Avni Patel Thompson (MBA 2008), Milo
    -Shereen Shermak (MPA 2003), Atlantic Quantum
    -Lisa Skeete Tatum (MBA 1998), Land It
    -John Sloss, Cinetic Media & Sloss Eckhouse Dasti Haynes LawCo
    -Jon Staff (MBA 2016), Getaway
    -Shara Ticku (MBA 2017), C16 Biosciences
    -Paris Wallace (MBA 2007), NCL (National Cycling League), former Ovia Health

This year’s Venture Capital Advisors (VCAs) are Managing Partners and General Partners of some of the most successful venture capital firms. They provide students with fundraising information and feedback on their idea, business models, and other key aspects of their new ventures. A few times a year, they meet with students one-on-one, help judge the New Venture competition finals, and provide feedback to students.

The 15 Rock Venture Capital Advisors and their current companies are:

    -Payal Agrawal Divakaran (MBA 2015), .406 Ventures
    -Kent Bennett (MBA 2008), Bessemer Venture Partners
    -Peter Boyce II, Stellation Capital
    -Brittany Davis (MBA 2015), Backstage Capital
    -Tasneem Dohadwala (MBA 2009), Excelestar Ventures
    -Arjun Goyal (MBA 2014), Vida Ventures
    -Rick Grinnell (MBA 2000), Glasswing Ventures
    -Amanda Herson (MBA 2009), Founding Collective
    -Sarah Hodges, Pillar VC
    -Alex Iskold, 2048 Ventures
    -Nimi Katragadda (MBA 2015), Boxgroup
    -Melody Koh (MBA 2013), Nextview Ventures
    -Jennifer Lum, Biospring Partners
    -Christina Melas-Kyriazi (MBA 2016), Bain Capital Ventures
    -Santiago Subotovsky (MBA 2009), Emergence Capital Partners

The Lawyers-In-Residence (LiR) program brings attorneys to campus to meet with students to answer questions about incorporation, founder agreements, intellectual property, starting a U.S. business as a non-US citizen and more.

This year’s lawyers in residence are:

HBS MBA students who are interested in entrepreneurship and starting new businesses can seek advice and access these experts from HBS campus resources. Through this community that provides support, access to content, and a gateway to the entrepreneurial ecosystems of HBS and beyond, the Rock Center helps HBS students and alumni build game-changing and disruptive businesses in purpose-driven industries. lucrative and social.

Since 1947, the study of entrepreneurship has been a core part of the HBS MBA program, which includes a semester-long course in the compulsory first-year program and numerous offerings in the elective second-year program.


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