International Picnic Day: 6 Gorgeous Parks Across India You Can Visit For A Delicious Picnic


Picnics allow us to get away from our usual routines and talk more about our feelings and emotions while remaining in a relaxed setting. Today is International Picnic Day, which is one of those days conducive to physical and mental well-being. Picnics allow us to reconnect with nature while spending time with family and friends. This day is important in our life as it helps us reconnect with our social circle while giving us a chance to relax.

On the occasion of the International Picnic Day, we have compiled a list of 6 beautiful parks in India where you can enjoy a pleasant picnic with your friends and family.

1. Pratapgarh Farms

Pratapgarh Farms, one of the finest farms in Gurgaon and a one-stop destination for a day picnic near Gurgaon, is popular with adults and children. This location allows you to experience everything from seeing village life to living it. The location is ideal for a memorable and great day out, with a variety of activities, unlimited food, live cultural music and dancing, adventure sports and games.

2. Hills of Morni

Another renowned picnic spot near Chandigarh is Morni Hills, located in Panchkula district. The location is close to lakes, which local villagers consider sacred. Cold weather, scenic surroundings of hills and ‘Tikkar Taal’ lake and soft adventure activities like trekking and rock climbing make it an ideal place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Lake Sukhna

3. Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is Chandigarh’s most scenic spot. This lake is an ideal place for a picnic. If you are visiting Chandigarh with your family, this should be at the top of your itinerary. During the winter months, it serves as a refuge for a variety of exotic migratory species such as the Siberian duck, storks and cranes.

4. Lake Manori

Manori is one of the best spots in Mumbai for a day trip; it’s great for relieving stress and spending quality time with family and friends. Manori is accessible by boat or by road. You can spend a moment of calm and relaxation with your family, far from the maddening crowd.

5. Kolad

Kolad is known for its white water rafting as well as its charming and scenic landscapes. Forts, old ruins, lakes, dams, museums and other attractions abound. Kolad is a nature lover’s dream and a beautiful picnic spot for everyone, with lush green forests, birds, Sahyadri mountain ranges and other breathtaking sights.

Nandi Hills

5. Nandi Hills

If you are more in search of peace, this site near the Nandi Hills of Bangalore is an ideal place to visit to refresh your mind, body and spirit. This place is an above ground picnic spot. As you trace the metropolis among the flying clouds, these hills offer everyone a breathtaking view of the city. You can hike up to the hills and camp there for the night.

So take a break from your busy schedule and have a short picnic with your friends, family and kids on a weekend or holiday – choose any picnic site from the list below. above that is near your location.

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