Kanowit students can take vocational training in Sibu


Datuk Francis Harden Hollis

KUCHING (May 21): Interested Kanowit students can pursue vocational studies at the nearest vocational college located in Sibu, Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Datuk Francis said. Harden Hollis.

During the question and answer session at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting yesterday, he informed Allan Siden Gramong (GPS-Machan) that the government currently had no plans to set up a school or a vocational college in the Kanowit district itself.

“The overall capacity of Sibu Vocational College is four cohorts and 680 students,” he added when asked about the capacity of the said college.

Regarding opportunities after the end of professional studies, Harden said that about 70% of graduates join the labor market.

“About 20% will go on to further education, while about 10% will become entrepreneurs,” he said.

Harden said that after earning professional certificates, graduates can pursue undergraduate studies at any public or private institution of higher education.

“They can also continue their professional training by following the Vocational Training Officer (VTO) program to become trainers in any vocational training center,” he added.


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