Kari Lake discusses the border, voucher expansion and the economy


PHOENIX — Kari Lake is the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona seeking to replace term-limited Governor Doug Ducey in the Nov. 8 general election.

lake joins KTAR News 92.3 FM’s The Mike Broomhead Show Wednesday to share his thoughts on the border, the school voucher expansion and the state of the economy.

Questions have been edited for clarity:

Q: One of the things that might be out of your control, but which you can have an impact on, is the border. Vice President Kamala Harris said a few days ago that the border was secure. Do you agree?

A: I would love for her to come and see what I’ve seen, especially in the last year and a half on the frontier. We all know what the reality is, she’s so out of touch and really her and Joe Biden are the problem.

Q: Where are you on the expansion of school vouchers?

A: Oh, I’m 100%…we had a great accomplishment. The Legislature and Governor Ducey signed this into law. The money now follows the student and gives people the opportunity to rise up and get a great education if they’re in a failing school or they just don’t like the program or just don’t like it. they simply want to send their children to a private school, but never, in their wildest imagination, could they ever have afforded it. Now, with this, they can.

Q: Vouchers give kids the chance to follow a different career path without the student debt, right?

A: I always use the example of the Vail school district (in southern Arizona) and their welding program. First of all, I was able to go and visit their professional training that they have set up in their school and the children are so happy…these children were absolutely engaged. They knew they were learning a skill that they could use for the rest of their lives and every one of them, 100% of these students graduate with a job offer, earning between $70,000 and $100,000 with all the benefits.

Q: Is there anything the governor and the legislature can do to alleviate inflation and what are we doing in Arizona to try to improve it for families who are making more money but they just can’t keep up with inflation?

A: A 13% increase is huge. I was talking to an economist a few weeks ago—and that was before this report came out—and he told me that to keep up with inflation a few weeks ago would have required a $9,000 raise . I don’t know anyone who gets raises like that. Now it’s even worse. And here we have a unique problem.

Most of this inflation is due to our lack of housing and rising housing costs so we have to build houses and we have to build them fast and help get people into those houses and we will do whatever we can to help remove some of the regulations so that builders can actually put the shovel in the ground without it taking five years. But we need to get houses built quickly.

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