Kashmir University’s first female VC plans to launch several schemes to help students’ personality


Srinagar: Kashmir University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nilofer Khan said on Friday that her team was considering launching several development programs to help students develop their personalities.

Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on May 19 appointed Professor Nilofer Khan of the Department of Home Science as Vice Chancellor of the University of Kashmir.

Nilofer, who has been associated with the University of Kashmir in different capacities over the past thirty-seven years, told ANI that working with dedication has remained her core value during her career so far. “I will also continue to remain dedicated in her role as vice-chancellor,” she said.

She said her team is thinking about launching several development programs that can comprehensively improve the personality of the students. She also emphasized working in a direction that can further improve the performance of the university in all metrics.

“I will continue my work towards student development programs. I will try to move everyone forward together. We will try to achieve NAAC A++ accreditation in 2024, which is currently A+. We will try to improve our ranking NIRF,” Professor Nilofer said.

Kashmiri students, she said, have huge potential and it needs to be channeled in a proper direction. Professor Nilofer said his only focus at present is the comprehensive development of all his students.

“Kashmir’s youngsters are skilled and talented. No matter where they are, they have performed extremely well. And there is huge potential for the youngsters in the valley and we believe we are heading in the right direction.” Nilofer said.

“The management has launched a mega program, which is basically focused on developing students in other fields as well. Excellence should not be limited to academics only, but young people should also excel in extracurricular activities. boys, but also girls should excel in these activities,” added Professor Nilofer.

While thanking her parents, especially her father from whom she believes she drew many of her qualities, Nilofer said she will remain committed to gender equality.

“I come from a middle-class family. In our common family, we were four sisters. When I talk about gender equality, I remember that my father gave preference to his daughters in studies. We were students in a convent and our brothers were studying at the DAV school. His attitude towards gender equity was ingrained in me. He vouched for the education of women. And I also worked for that,” said said Professor Nilofer.

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Posted: Saturday, May 21, 2022, 5:54 PM IST


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