Kennedy students end the year with a bang at the awards ceremony


Kennedy College officially recognized the academic and extracurricular success of its students recently after a difficult few years during which they showed great resilience.

students, teachers and parents gathered at the college for the first in-person ceremony since 2019. One of the most notable events on the school’s calendar, the event provides management and staff with an opportunity to recognize the student success inside and outside the classroom.

Principal Michael Weafer welcomed guests, ETB Schools Principal Emer Ryan, Parents Association President Julie Anne Murphy, parents/guardians, staff and students.

Mr. Weafer commended the students for their positive engagement, hard work and dedication throughout the year and the staff for their commitment to the school. He expressed his gratitude to the Parent Council for their contribution to the continued operation of the school.

The Waterford Management Board and the Wexford Education Training Board were also praised for their support of the college. Good luck to the 3rd and 6th year students for their upcoming exams.

However, since the ceremony was student-focused, many awards were presented for academic and extracurricular achievement.

Among the most prestigious presentations was the Student of the Year award.

The recipients were:

Brian Doyle 1st year, Cezary Kulesza, 2nd year, Emma Salisbury, 3rd year, Laquietta Griffin, transition year, Cameron Murphy 5th ACL, Owen Lennon, 5th year, Louise Mc Mahon, 6th ACL and Jessica Moore 6th year.

Former student Luke Blignaut returned to receive his award for the best 2021 graduation result.

Merit awards were given to students throughout the school year for their excellent work, behavior and commitment to activities. They are carried over from one year to the next.

Awards for 200 or more merits went to Jessica Moore and Jake Canning.

150 or more merits were also awarded to Brandon Kelly, Liam O Neill and Cameron Murphy.

More than 100 merit awards have been given to Aaron Canning, Kyle Waters, Aaron Savage, Jonas Unkas and Loiuse McMahon.

The certificates received more than 50 merits, but too many to mention by name.

Excellence in Academic Behavior awards during their six years at Kennedy College went to Jessica Moore and Aaron Canning.

The Excellence in Attendance Awards for full attendance during his six years at Kennedy College were presented to Aaron Savage by Mrs. Ryan, Director of Schools at ETB.

The Principals Ethos Award was presented to Jake Canning for setting a good example during his six years at Kennedy College in embracing the school’s core values ​​of excellence in education, care, respect, equality, community and respect.

Many other certificates and awards were given for good efforts and participation in programs and activities.

Mr. Weafer concluded the awards ceremony by thanking everyone present. He congratulated all the students for their achievements throughout the year and wished all the students good luck in their exams.


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