Kuwait Finance House KSCP: KFH signs the first such partnership with the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped


The Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has signed a partnership agreement, the first of its kind in the Kuwaiti banking sector, with the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped (KSH). This is in line with the bank’s leadership in social responsibility and its important role in supporting and empowering people with special needs. The partnership undertakes various initiatives, including the training of a group of students with special needs in various departments of KFH.

KFH spares no effort to support the segment of people with special needs by contributing to their education, increasing their knowledge and guiding them to appropriate education and rehabilitation through dedicated training programs. This includes field trips to KFH branches and departments, and hands-on experiences to gain them experiences that would represent the first step in a career and a gateway to success in working life.

KFH is keen to select the appropriate area of ​​training for the abilities of students with special needs, taking into account their abilities and individual differences in proportion to their abilities and inclinations, and to exploit all possibilities for the success of this experience by assigning distinguished banking executives to train affiliates.

Senior Director of Employee Engagement at KFH, Sara Al-Salem, said these initiatives play a major role in improving employee engagement and loyalty towards KFH employees due to her interest for this category, which is an integral part of the community.

Al-Salem explained that one of the most important goals of KFH’s partnership with KSH is to ensure the integration of these people with community members and to qualify them for training and development, which helps to offer employment opportunities that would provide them with material income, thus giving them a certain psychological and social stability. In addition to the contribution of helping students with special needs to increase their ability to work and produce, and to show the energy of this segment and make it a productive element in the development of society.

She added that KFH supports KSH, which provides integrated care and services, including rehabilitation, psychological, social and educational services, as part of its pioneering role in social responsibility.

The Deputy Director General of the Kuwaiti Society for the Disabled, Baraa Al-Jenae, said: For 50 years, KSH has provided free health, education and rehabilitation services to children with special needs of all nationalities, and currently KSH is providing these services to nearly 500 of our children. We are happy to cooperate with KFH to form a group of students with special needs in various departments of KFH in pursuit of KSH’s goals of providing innovative care, education and support that can enrich and bring about continuous positive change. for the lives of the people we serve.

He added that it has been noticed that there are increasing demand factors related to the provision of employment opportunities for people with special needs, hence the idea of ​​joint cooperation with KFH to improve their training alongside their non-disabled peers, especially for the elderly. eighteen. In addition to integrating people with special needs in all aspects of life through the implementation of partnership agreements related to people with special needs to obtain vocational training, and to provide employment opportunities in various fields in a way that suits their inclinations and abilities. Countries benefit from their contribution to the economy and to the development of the societies in which they live, learn and work in order to achieve social justice and independence in life.

Proven experience in supporting people with special needs

KFH has a proven track record in supporting people with special needs in various sports, cultural and scientific activities. KFH also participates in various conferences and events dedicated to this community segment, emphasizing the care required for them and displaying their talents, abilities and skills.

On the banking side, KFH offers the possibility of benefiting from banking products and services for people with specific needs and puts all the means in each governorate, with adequate parking spaces, wheelchairs and other necessary means for customers. with special needs. KFH also provides at least one ATM in the branch which provides banking services to people with special needs, with easy access, and offers complete privacy to the customer through a glass room that opens with a card, and the Headphone use is also available. KFH has specialized employees fluent in sign language to provide banking services to people with special needs with a view to including all segments of society optimally and in accordance with the highest quality service standards.


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