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The Lagos State Government (LASG) has urged young people in the state to place more emphasis on vocational schools to learn skills.

Mrs. Olufunmilayo Olajide, Director of the Office of the Special Adviser for Education in Lagos, gave advice during the First Induction and Scholarship Enrollment Ceremony of St. Michael Skill Trade College in Ajido, Badagry LG , Lagos State.

Olajide, who is also Head of Department, Dispersal and Surveillance Department, Lagos State Ministry of Education, said that one will always come back to vocational school to learn and relearn, according to the agenda. THEMES of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

She said the college was unique because of the quality of the facilities with hands-on training equipment, the environment and their lecturers.

“I have been to Epe, Ikorodu and many parts of Lagos and haven’t seen a college like St. Michael Skill Trade College, Ajido in Badagry.”

“With ground facilities, the college owner would have to charge N300,000-400,000 to train a student, but the tuition is too low.

“If we have this opportunity and we are not able to use it, it is like a waste of knowledge and effort.

“I implore the people of Badagry Local Government, Lagos State and Nigerians in general not to leave this opportunity untapped,” she said.

Olajide said the college is registered with the Lagos State Department of Education as a Polytechnic.

He added that he will produce Higher National Diploma (HND) holders in the future and he is currently accredited to perform the Federal Ministry of Labor Level 3, 2 and 1 tests.

“The college challenged us by getting our youth off the streets, so I want to thank the President and CEO for partnering with LASG in his efforts to bring out the best in our youth,” said- she declared.

Ms Sewede Pot-Balogun, Badagry local government education supervisor, said the college was an opportunity for parents looking for admission into learning skills for their children.

According to Pot-Balogun, instead of wandering the streets, being a nuisance to society, it is an opportunity for them to acquire skills in order to be independent in the future.

She urged the college management to reach out to the people of Badagry LG and surrounding areas to take advantage of the opportunity to learn skills useful to the college.

Mr. Samson Apata, President of the Association of Tourism Practitioners of Nigeria (ATPN), said the college is an added strength for the Ajido community of Badagry LG.

Apata said the institution was the start of new things to come to the community.

He said he had made arrangements with the college’s chief executive to make tourism part of their course.

The Royal Father of the day, Aholu Saheed Adamson, the Aholu community of Ajido urged the students of the institution to make good use of this opportunity.

Adamson congratulated the engineer. Michael Sonayon Kunnuji (The Gagbo Menu Toyon of Ajido Kingdom), for establishing the college in his domain.

Mr. Young Amie, a chemical engineer from the University of Lagos and childhood friend of Kunnuji, urged Nigerians to emulate the founder of the college.

“If Nigerians can behave like Chief Michael Sonayon Kunnuji, the Gagbo Menu Toyon of Ajido Kingdom, the country will be a better place for everyone to live.

“It’s just about giving back to society however he can.

“For students at the institute, it’s not the certificate that’s important, it’s the skills they learn here,” he said.

Mr. Success Jome, an electrical engineering student in the college, urged students who are currently at home due to the ASUU strike to take advantage of the strike to come and learn a skill in the college.

According to him, the knowledge acquired in college will be of great help to them when they return to school.

He said that within two months of being admitted to college, he could handle home wiring perfectly.

In his address, Kunnuji, President and CEO, said the college was a vision born out of a dream to give back to his community.

“It is for the development of our youth and young adults in Ajido, Badagry, Lagos State and across the country.

“It is our mission and our vision to ensure that the basic trades that guarantee the future and the development of our young people and young adults are made available to them.

“We hope that our community and its surroundings will experience modern development like everywhere in the world.

“The college program was designed to give exposure to students through its well-rounded curriculum that includes both classroom and practice.

“We operate in a safe and efficient learning environment that enables each intern to reach their greatest potential through ample opportunity and the entrepreneurial skills needed to excel,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that 31 students from different courses at the college have enrolled, while 16 of them have been awarded scholarships by the founder of the college. (NOPE)


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