“Making a big school small:” Forsyth Central High School opens the Academy of Cinema to students from outside the district


Next, Hanline plans to have students create a one-and-a-half to two-hour film over the course of a school year. Although this is an ambitious mission, Hanline wants the academy to create content “like a real professional studio”.

Grass and Hanline said their goal over time is to build a reputation for the program to such an extent that universities in Georgia are heading to Forsyth Central because they want the kids for their film programs, or because they want the kids for their film programs. want studios to end up coming to school when looking to hire. Someone.

Many current students said that they have already started to benefit from more opportunities thanks to the experience and connections they have made within the program.

One of the unique aspects of the program that Grass and Hanline noticed is that students of different levels interact and help each other on projects. For example, students in the upper class often invite freshmen or sophomores to act in productions they are working on for the class.

“The CFA program is a tight-knit family,” Melendez said. “I still hang out with the juniors and the freshman class.”

Hanline said that with these relationships, a mentoring and leadership aspect of the program formed, with upper class students teaching younger students what they learned. As they learn more and more, the program continues to grow each year.

“Suddenly my freshman class this year starts to overtake what they did the year before and before that because they get all this knowledge from the upper class students who also help them,” Hanline said. .

These relationships also continue after high school. A junior in the program now, Ian Aponte said the school’s alumni often offer him the opportunity to act or help produce projects they are working on outside of school.

He is currently working as an intern in cinema as a high school student.

” We are learning [all of this] at such a young age, and that’s really cool, ”said Aponte.

Grass said the academy held its first film exhibition last year and more than 200 people came to see the students’ work. Ultimately, he hopes to make the exhibits a community event where families across the county can come out and enjoy the films made by the students.

“When the student films come out, I think people will be really impressed with what they produce,” Grass said.

For more information on Central Film Academy, visit the school’s website at www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/fchs.


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