New leaders choose tools to help solve skills shortages


The six new groups tasked with bringing together industry and vocational training providers now have both the tools and the leadership to get started, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said.

The Minister joined the 54 newly appointed members of the Workforce Development Council (WDC) at a launch event in Wellington this evening.

“The work of these councils will be to establish skill standards, help industry exercise a greater influence over the nature and how training is delivered, and play a leadership role for their industries.

“Future planning will be an essential part of their role. Ensuring that our training providers offer the right courses, so that the right people graduate with the right skills to meet our country’s skills shortages.

“This includes meeting the needs of IT, engineering, primary industries, building and construction and many other industries where the industry is currently having difficulty recruiting. “

WDCs will moderate ratings against industry standards and, where appropriate, establish and moderate ratings upon completion of a qualification.

“Industry support and support is the foundation of the Vocational Education Reform (RoVE) program,” said Chris Hipkins.

“I am delighted with the enthusiasm of industry leaders and innovators across the country who have raised their hands to be part of this important work to transform our vocational education system for the future.

Each industry is covered by one of the six Workforce Development Councils:

• Manufacturing, engineering and logistics of Hanga-Aro-Rau

• Construction and infrastructure of Waihanga Ara Rau

• Muka Tangata – People, Food and Fiber

• You May

• Community, health, education and social services, and

• Services.

“I would also like to thank the interim members of the establishment committee who helped make WDCs a reality and ensured that they were up and running as quickly as possible from October of this year.”

Full biographies of each WDC Board member are available here.

Note: The second round of appointments at WDC Services has not yet been officially announced.

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