Ohio schools report more than 7,000 cases of COVID-19, down slightly from last week


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Schools in Ohio again reported thousands of new cases of the coronavirus this week, but a slightly downtrend offers some light as the wave of the Delta variant of the Condition reached an apparent peak.

K-12 schools reported 7,564 cases at the Ohio Department of Health for the week ending Sunday, bringing the school year total to 45,808. This week’s cases are down from 9,827 last week, which were lower than 10,682 the previous week.

Schools report cases among students and staff to ODH on Tuesday, mirroring the week ending the previous Sunday. The ODH publishes the numbers on Thursdays at 2 p.m.

Case criteria

  • Full-time or part-time students and staff who have tested positive or have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The infections were caught inside and outside the school.
  • Staff members include teachers, administrators, coaches and support staff.
  • Excludes students / staff who are completely distant, but includes them if they were “on site” while infectious.
  • The ODH reports “new” and “cumulative” cases. Cases only go “cumulative” once the person is no longer COVID-positive. The number of new cases of NBC4 each week reflects the evolution of “cumulative” cases. More information

    Just under half of the 2,766 schools tracked by ODH reported at least one case this school year – less than two months. 1,349 (49%) of schools, districts, private schools, vocational schools, preschools and others reported a case. That’s 48 more schools than last week.

    The median number of cases among schools with at least one infection is 12 cases, while the median number for school districts is 42 cases.

    38,991 (85%) of Ohio school cases are students and 6,817 (15%) are staff, which include teachers, administrators, coaches and support staff. Last school year, students were about 2 in 3 cases and staff were 1 in 3.

    Public Schools in Cincinnati, a district of more than 34,000 students, leads the state with 891 cases, ahead of Columbus City Schools at 569, which topped Toledo City schools for second square. Five districts in Franklin County are in the top 11.

    Ninety-nine percent of Ohio public school students are in school five days a week, according to The data last Thursday from the Ohio Department of Education. But just over 68% of the students were in a neighborhood that requires masks for all or some students, which state officials attribute to the high level of COVID-19 cases at the school.

    Gov. Mike DeWine has said he would like to take executive action to require masks in schools, but state law was passed this summer after overturning DeWine’s veto – Senate Bill 22 – took that power away from the governor and gave it to the state legislature.

    ODH Director Dr Bruce Vanderhoff and Ohio Lottery Commission Director Pat McDonald will provide more details on Friday at 10 a.m. on the Vax-2-School program, announced by DeWine last week, to encourage Ohioans aged 12 to 25 getting vaccinated against COVID-19. by entering them into 55 scholarship designs.

    The scholarships – five of $ 100,000 and 50 of $ 10,000 – would cover the costs of all higher education, including college, technical school, vocational training, and postgraduate study.


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