“One or two cases” of COVID in schools



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Director of EDUCATION Marcellus Taylor revealed there had recently been ‘one or two cases’ of COVID-19 in schools which were ‘largely contained’.

He said authorities detected a case in New Providence.

“We had one or two cases but they were largely contained. We have in all of our schools in New Providence a nurse on staff who has been able to give advice and guidance on how these matters should be handled and we are confident that to date we have not had no problems in terms of spreading on campus,” he told reporters yesterday.

“The two cases I remembered, I think they were both adults who had symptoms.”

He wouldn’t say whether the people in question were teachers.

“A lot of them were dealt with directly in the schools,” he said. However, he did not identify the schools.

For her part, Education, Technical and Vocational Training Minister Glenys Hanna Martin said these cases paled in comparison to the number of students currently in school.

“These children are back in school and if you could consider that you have … we have 42,000 children and two adult cases on campus. It’s amazing and I pray it continues the way they manage the processes.

Officials spoke amid plans to resume full face-to-face instruction in schools.

Ms Hanna-Martin said that in “most islands” schools are “almost 100 per cent” face-to-face.

“Abaco is challenged for a number of reasons post-Dorian, etc., and the schools in New Providence also have space and human resource issues. The regulations require a certain number of feet between each student, which is not normal in a classroom,” she said.

“So while we would like 100 per cent for every child to be in the classroom because of the curtain regime and other issues we face, we haven’t been able to get 100 per cent in all of them. cases, but what we seek to do is bring every child into the classroom – hopefully within a given week – to ensure that there is a fair face-to-face in this process.

Yesterday, the ministry received a donation of 172,500 children’s masks to distribute to public schools across the country. The donation came from cryptocurrency firm FTX.


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