P Sihanouk launches training program for drug addicts


Drug addicts attend vocational training at the Preah Sihanouk center on October 22. Ministry of Social Affairs

The National Center for Voluntary and Community Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services, based in Stung Hav District, Preah Sihanouk Province, on October 22 launched the first vocational training course aimed at equipping drug addicts with skills before their reintegration into society.

Veth Valda, director of the Home Office’s National Center for Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation who attended the opening of the course, told The Post on October 25 that the first training session was launched in collaboration with the institution concerned.

“During this first session, we trained 50 drug victims who were rehabilitated. During this period, we will train them in agriculture, including growing cash crops, and service training in building wiring skills and repairing air conditioning equipment, ”he said. -he declares.

“For the second term, we are going to train 70 other people in fish farming and frogs, welding and working with limestone. This training will therefore consist of two stages. Training can be short or long term depending on the skill. The agriculture course lasts one week and the service course lasts four months, ”he said.

According to Valda, the training aims to provide addicts with skills and a profession to earn a living so that they do not start using drugs again when they return to their community or family.

He said that this center complies with national and international standards and has three major institutions contributing to the cause – the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans Affairs and Youth Rehabilitation; Ministry of Health; and the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

He said the Ministry of Social Affairs provides rehabilitation, education, counseling and life skills services to drug addicts, while the Ministry of Health provides medical services and the Ministry of Labor provides vocational training. on the skills needed for a career.

“The general principle is that we accept drug addicts from centers across Cambodia for training. However, acceptance depends on which center sends them here. We also receive drug addicts from prosecutors, parents, guardians, families and other authorities, ”he said.

Pheng Ny, director of the Polytechnic Institute of Preah Sihanouk Province, said the Ministry of Labor has authorized the institute to cooperate with the provincial drug treatment center to provide short-term technical skills in the agriculture and services as part of the project to modernize the vocational and technical education system. 2021 for drug victims.

“We will work hard to make the initial operation of the centre’s first training session a success as planned,” he said.

Thou Sun, State Secretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs who attended the opening of the training program, called on participants to master skills and become good citizens and useful to families and communities.


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