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Palmetto Giving Day is May 3 and 4. A chance to donate to organizations doing great work helping residents of Georgetown County. Every day we feature organizations participating in Palmetto Giving Day seeking your support. Here are three of the organizations:

Pawleys Island Music and Arts Festival
Pawleys Island Music and Arts Festival, better known as PIFMA, presents a series of world-class artists every year during the winter and autumn months! PIFMA is much more than concerts!
PIFMA brings the arts to many students in Georgetown County through outreach programs at local schools, scholarships for freshmen in Georgetown County, financial aid for related projects arts in our public schools and, of course, free concert tickets for students.
In February 2022, PIFMA featured three different artists at three schools in Georgetown County. Last year, we raised funds for a new initiative, the Sampit Elementary Strings (Violin) program, funded by PIFMA. The funds were first used to purchase new strings which our instructor used to rearm the (11) old violins the school already owned as well as purchase (10) new violins. We also bought several new violin bows to replace the broken ones and ended up needing more shoulder pads, bridges and rosin.
We bought some violin instruction manuals and some paper for the instructor to print out some. The majority of the funds were used to pay the part-time violin teacher once a week, every week, for both semesters. Students have been following this after school program from 2-3:30 p.m. every Thursday, since September 16, 2021. We hope to continue this program for as long as we can, but the originally proposed budget was for 1 academic year.
We would also like to use funds from Palmetto Giving Day 2022 to expand this type of arts education opportunity to other schools and students in Georgetown County.
“The real goal of arts education is not necessarily to create more professional dancers or artists. It is to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have inquiring minds, who can lead a productive life.” Kelly Polack
Pee Dee Community Project
The Pee Dee Community Project, LLC serves the economic interests
Community Pee Dee challenge located in a rural area 25 miles
Northwest of Georgetown, South Carolina. It is a non-profit organization that
helped provide a variety of programs that serve our
community members of all ages and backgrounds. For more
For 48 years, the mission of the Pee Dee Community Project has been to
foster a community where all residents have the knowledge,
the skills, support and confidence to succeed in all areas of life.
Our theme “It’s cool to be smart” was written by our late
executive director, Mr. James B. Jackson who was very
instrumental in the last 25 years of the Pee Dee community
Continuous development of the project.
Our after-school program serves students in grades 1-12, Monday through Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Although there are 25 students (Post Covid) enrolled in our program, we are reaching 145
students through other initiatives such as back-to-school rallies,
Honor Roll Award Programs, STEM Program, The Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. Day Community Litter Pickup, and more. Each
the student is also encouraged to participate in an extracurricular activity at
their school. We are currently working to bring a community
Food bank in our region in the very near future. We are
develop a recreational program with the Georgetown Y so that all
of our students will be able to participate. We are also partners
with the Village Group to serve Christmas dinners to all
inhabitants of the municipality.
Our programs create a sense of belonging, improve
skills, provide academic support, make learning fun in addition
for security and surveillance. We prepare our
students for the future. Thanks to the community,
churches and others working as a team, our students have
made such achievements as 37% of students on the
roll of honor. Our students have excelled in two of the top five
Carvers Bay Secondary School senior class positions including
Valedictorian and Newest Salutatorian 2021, All-Star High
school football quarterbacks, many, many stand out in basketball
and track players, a drum major from the High School band, past
members of the Carvers Bay High School robotics team and
many other beautiful things. Funding for our programs is primarily
generated by private donations.
Your support is key to helping our students
be the best they can be!
Click here to see a video about the Pee Dee Community Project.
Smith Medical Clinic
Medical care has never been more important than it is today and we need your support more than ever! Many of our neighbors — the people you see at the grocery store, at the gas station, or at your favorite restaurant — live without any form of health insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. This means that without the Smith Medical Clinic, they live in fear of what they will do if they get sick or injured. Some can go to the emergency department, but others would simply do without.
At Smith Medical Clinic, it only costs $250 to provide comprehensive medical care to one patient for an entire year, and every dollar you donate equals $10 in free medical care for our patients.
This year, on Palmetto Giving Day, generous donors match dollar-for-dollar donations up to $55,000! Your donation is therefore doubled on that day only!
Thank you to the Bunnelle Foundation, the Tamsberg family, Jan Jones, Janice Coward, John and Geales Sands, and Dr. Carl and Lois Fisher for your generous matching donations!
Click here to see a video about the Smith Medical Clinic.


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