Places of worship in Delhi allowed to reopen for visitors and worshipers on


Places of worship were allowed to reopen for visitors and worshipers on Friday, but with a set of guidelines in place.

As the festival season approaches, the government has received several representations of places of worship to lift restrictions on worshipers. These places have been closed since April of this year, but the orders have not been very strictly enforced as worshipers have been seen visiting on several occasions.

Pursuant to orders from the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, large gatherings have been banned. The administrators of these sites were also urged to avoid common prayer rugs and made the use of face masks mandatory.

“No physical offering like the distribution of prasad or the sprinkling of holy water, etc. is allowed inside the religious place,” he said. Community kitchens, langars and “ann-daan” in religious places must meet physical distancing standards for the preparation and distribution of food. Recorded devotional songs should be performed and choirs Air conditioning and ventilation in religious places should follow CPWD guidelines which set temperature settings in the range of 24-30 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 40-70 percent and a supply of fresh air.

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