Proposal to increase accessible toilets in West Dunbartonshire


Posted on November 19, 2021

Councilors agreed to seek additional budget to improve the provision of changing toilets (CPTs) in West Dunbartonshire.

CPT facilities provide larger and more accessible toilets, to meet the needs of people with severe and multiple physical disabilities and learning difficulties.

As well as offering additional space, they contain equipment such as hoists, curtains, adult changing tables and enough space for caregivers to help.

While a number of CPTs are available in learning environments across West Dunbartonshire, additional funding will be used to introduce publicly accessible facilities.

The locations proposed for the toilets are to the toilets of Balloch Bus Stance; the Concord Community Center; Dalmuir Community Center; and the East Clydebank Community Center.

Another period of investigation will be undertaken at these sites, with construction warrant applications being required for the sites.

It is proposed that the projects will be completed in fiscal year 2022/23.

Councilor Iain McLaren, responsible for infrastructure, regeneration and economic development, said: “For many people with physical problems and disabilities, standard toilets are either totally inadequate or impractical to use. CPTs provide a better quality of life for people and allow them and their caregivers to plan activities with confidence in areas where these facilities are located.

Councilor Diane Docherty, Vice President of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, added: “The proposed introduction of these changing toilets in our regions would make a huge difference to people who for a number of reasons, find it difficult to use existing public facilities. I am convinced that if we make this budgetary commitment, we are making a significant investment that allows us to help people live independently and with dignity.

The proposed budget request of £ 100,000 will be considered at a future Council meeting.

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