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This year’s fall fundraiser for the Racine Friendship Clubhouse (RFC) is an online auction and will end tomorrow, Friday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET. If you haven’t been to the auction site yet, you still have time to bid on some fantastic items and donate to this organization to help them reach their financial goal of raising $ 10,000. Currently, they are less than half of their goal, and this is where the Racine community can step in to help them.

Visit them online auction to see which items you can bid on. Themed baskets filled with baked goods, Thanksgiving items, multiple wines, whiskeys, craft beers and many more libations, SC Johnson baskets, chocolate, coffee and more, wall art, golf packages and the list goes on (at four pages), you’re bound to find a handful of items that you won’t want to miss out on.

Many local businesses and families donated their time, effort and products, including large gift certificates, to help raise funds for this organization. Head over to the auction site today and see how you can win some amazing items, either for yourself or for the upcoming holiday giveaway season. There is definitely something for everyone. And knowing that your money is going to serve the local mental health community is the best part.

If you would rather donate than participate in the auction, click here. Of course, you can always do both. Remember that the auction ends at 9:00 p.m. on Friday.

About the Racine Friendship Club

Like their website says, “Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc. is one of more than 300 clubs in the world, inspired by the club rehabilitation model established by Fontaine House over 40 years ago.

RFC has served the Racine community for 25 years. Success stories can be found all over the region; you can read or watch some of them on their website.

Members receive professional group and individual training at the Clubhouse. They work with job coaches on all aspects of the vocation, from job search to interview etiquette to getting and keeping a job that is best for them. Members are also strongly encouraged to continue their studies, whether informal (tutoring) or formal (GED sites or local colleges).

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