Recreational marihuana establishments considered | News for Fenton, Linden, Holly MI


Holly Village Council could take action on a proposed amendment to the ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday, February 8, which adds a new chapter titled “Recreational Marijuana Establishments.”

The meeting is at the Holly Board of Education Room, 920 E. Baird St., Holly, at 7 p.m.

Ordinance 468 provides for the licensing and regulation of recreational marijuana establishments in the Village of Holly and provides penalties for violations.

The new Chapter 158 – Recreational Marijuana Establishments – will be known as the Village of Holly Recreational Marijuana Regulation Ordinance. The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate recreational marijuana establishments, which include growers, safety compliance facilities, processors, retailers, secure carriers, or any other type of recreational marijuana-related business authorized by the State of Michigan.

A 22-page draft of the proposed amendment is included in the Holly Village Council’s brief for the February 8 meeting, which was due to be posted Friday February 4 on the village’s website, The draft of the whole ordinance is also available with this story online at

When the proposed ordinance is approved by Holly Village Council, the final version will be posted on the village website.

“Marijuana establishments will not be permitted in districts zoning R1A (Single Family Residential), R1B (Single Family Residential), RM (Moderate Density Residential), MHP (Mobile Home Park), or CBD (Central Business District).

The proposed amendment to the ordinance states that marihuana establishments must be at least 500 feet from any public or private elementary, secondary or vocational school. Marijuana retail establishments should be at least 500 feet from any church or religious institution.

A marihuana grower or an agent acting on behalf of a marihuana grower must be at least 21 years of age.

To obtain a license from the State of Michigan, a marihuana establishment must first obtain a license from Holly Village. Anyone violating this will be punished by a fine of up to $500 or imprisonment for up to 90 days, or both. Each day that an infraction continues would be considered a separate infraction. Village licenses must be renewed annually.

Changes to the proposed amendment to the ordinance could be made at the village council meeting on February 8. It will enter into force immediately after its approval.


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