Saint-Laurent launches five new programs


Building on St. Lawrence’s interdisciplinary strengths, the University has launched five new academic programs: Data Science, Finance, Digital Media and Film, Biomedical Sciences, and Premedicine.


Housed within the economics department, the finance major will complement the courses already offered in the economics course, which will serve as the foundation for the program. The course will introduce and require courses in investments and corporate finance, the two main areas of finance, which will provide a clear academic path for students interested in finance-related fields.
“With the influence of many extracurricular disciplines and experiences, liberal arts institutions like St. Lawrence University are well positioned to prepare graduates for financial industry careers that require complex analysis across different industries,” says Brian Chezum, A. Barton. Hepburn Associate Professor of Economics and faculty leader on the proposal to add finance to the curriculum.

Data Science

Data science is a growing field that touches the lives of billions of people around the world every day. St. Lawrence students and recent graduates have already taken advantage of the University’s strong offerings in mathematics, computer science, and statistics through double majors and minors to pursue careers or graduate programs in science. data. The program is among the robust offerings housed in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.
“There’s an incredible demand for data scientists that isn’t even close to being met, and St. Lawrence graduates with interdisciplinary training will have an edge in the field,” says associate professor of computer science Lisa Torrey , one of the heads of the faculty. on the data science major. According to LinkedIn, there has been a 650% increase in data science jobs between 2012 and January 2021.

Digital Media and Movies

St. Lawrence University has created a new bachelor’s degree program in Digital Media and Film, preparing graduates for careers in the media industry through digital content creation, new media and a commitment to social justice .
Features of the new major include developing student skills in digital media production, experiential learning through internships, research, study abroad, community learning, and a commitment to integrating social justice and media making beginning with a new flagship introductory course in production, Film and Media Action.
“In leading with the term ‘digital’ in this new program, we have sought to reframe the study of film and media and inspire students to think critically and creatively about today’s highly mediated world,” says Brook Henkel, associate professor of German and film. studies and a professor responsible for the proposal to add the major to the program.

Biomedical science

As the newest New York State-approved major, St. Lawrence biomedical science majors will develop an in-depth understanding of relevant cellular, molecular, and physiological concepts related to human health and disease. Students will also have a variety of career-preparedness opportunities through on- and off-campus research, internships and fellowships with industry leaders in professional health sciences, and hands-on training with campus partners such as the Emergency Medical Services team.
As part of the Department of Biology curriculum, the major will take an interdisciplinary approach capitalizing on the liberal arts tradition of the St. Lawrence to examine everything from scientific and social applications to advanced technologies for understanding and managing human health and disease. .

Post-baccalaureate pre-medical program

St. Lawrence University has launched a new post-baccalaureate pre-medical program that will support college graduates who have a new interest in the medical field or want a competitive edge in preparing for medical school. With an emphasis on hands-on learning in the north of the country, eligible students will complete certified practical nurse (CNA) training and 120 hours of clinical experience at a local facility after completing prerequisite coursework. medical school or graduate-level science courses to bolster their candidacy for medical school.
“Students interested in this program should have a strong sense of the role of a health care provider: connecting with the individual while focusing on their health needs and taking a holistic view of medicine,” says Karin Heckman, associate professor of biology and program coordinator. . While the program may have “pre-med” in its name, Heckman says students who hold bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines will be supported by the rigorous curriculum.

St. Lawrence’s new programs are the result of Experience St. Lawrence: The Task Force on Institutional Structure, Policy, and Planning which was tasked with reimagining a liberal arts education in the 21st century and recommending pathways to position the University as a leader among its peers for decades to come.


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