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Most colleges in Siouxland have seen enrollment growth this fall, with some hitting record highs. Many schools have also reported a record increase in the number of international students attending their institutions.

The 10th day enrollment reports collected by most colleges and universities were eagerly awaited this year, as overall postsecondary enrollments last fall fell 2.5%, nearly double the rate of decline. of registrations reported in fall 2019, according to a report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted students’ ability to conduct campus tours, many universities have made changes such as virtual tours and one-on-one tours.

Here is an overview of the situation of schools in the Journal distribution area this fall.

For the third year in a row, Morningside has entered one of the five largest freshman classes in the university’s history, which includes the largest group of international freshmen.

The class is made up of 370 students from 19 states and seven countries, including 32 international students. This follows two previous years of the first five classes, with 368 freshmen arriving in 2019 and 358 freshmen enrolling in 2020.

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The total number of registrations was 2,411, a slight increase from 2,319 last year.

A key factor in the large class sizes was campus visits, according to college officials. Although COVID-19 resulted in a brief hiatus and many changes to the campus visitation process, Morningside was able to pivot to accommodate more individual visits instead of group visits, and the university engagement team has worked to launch a new virtual tour and set up new social networks. media strategies that allowed potential students to connect more directly with current students at Morningside.

“Visiting Morningside is loving Morningside. We have worked hard to enable our students to tell the story of Morningside in various ways using social media and other communication channels and we have really focused on encouraging visits so that students can experience this that’s life at Morningside on their own, ”Vice President for Academic Engagement, said Erin Edlund.

Briar Cliff University reported good overall student retention with an increase in the number of non-first-time athlete students.

The total enrollment for this year is 1,001 with a freshman class of 169. The university saw a 35.7% increase in the number of non-athlete students and nearly 3% in students. -athletes compared to the previous year, according to a press release.


“We are incredibly grateful and impressed with our retention this academic year. It has been a huge effort from many teams on campus, ”said Todd Knealing, vice president of academic and student affairs. “While the past two years of the pandemic have been filled with so much uncertainty for many families, it is inspiring to continue to see academics being prioritized to support their future. “

For the third year in a row, Buena Vista University has seen enrollment growth.

BVU’s fall 2021 enrollment totals 1,959 students, up from 1,863 a year ago, an increase of 5% over last year and 8% since 2018, according to a press release. The number of registrations on the Storm Lake campus has increased from 733 in 2020 to 777 this fall, an increase of 6%.

Brian Lenzmeier, vaccine

Brian Lenzmeier

“Showing enrollment gains for the third year in a row is a testament to our new programs and the tremendous work our faculty and staff continue to do to reach, connect and retain students, rewarding them with rich academic and extracurricular experiences that see graduates moving beyond BVU to success, ”said Brian Lenzmeier, President of BVU.

For the third year in a row, Northwestern College has set registration records.

This fall’s registration is 1,585, up more than 2% from last year’s record 1,546.

This year’s figures include the highest number of graduate students ever enrolled – 500 enrolled in Northwestern’s online master’s program in education and the on-campus master’s program in medical assistant studies – up from 461 last year. , according to a press release. Northwestern also recorded 82.8% of last year’s freshmen who returned this fall, a record retention rate. And more than 6 percent of the college’s residential undergraduate population are Latino students, also a record.

Fynaardt, Tamara


Lem maurer

“We are excited to continue setting enrollment records, especially at a time when many other schools are experiencing declines,” said Tamara Fynaardt, Northwestern vice president of enrollment and marketing. the academic preparation, the integration of faith and learning, and the belonging experience that our students expect.

“Our graduate programs continue to exceed expectations due to their excellent reputation for highly applicable content, personal attention, affordability, and flexibility.”

The University of Dordt had the highest number of enrollments in the history of the institution.

The total number of registrations is 1,786 for the fall semester 2021, breaking the record for the fall semester 2020 of 1,666 students, according to a press release. This figure includes a record 1,401 full-time undergraduate students. In addition, Dordt has a record number of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff of 1,544; The FTE is a measure of the number of credits that students take.

There are 424 freshmen on campus this fall, which is the second largest class of freshmen in Dordt’s history. The largest class of freshmen was in 1998, which included 439 students.

“There has been a lot of uncertainty over the past 18 months, and it is encouraging to see a record number of students choosing Dordt because they trust the mission and experience Dordt offers as a ‘Christ-centered institution,’ said Greg Van, director of admissions. Dyke said.

University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota saw record growth in the number of incoming international students, while total enrollment was generally stable compared to last year.

This year, the university hosted the largest cohort of international students in university history, said Scott Pohlson, vice president of enrollment, marketing and academic relations.

Scott Pohlson, USD


USD enrolled 109 incoming international students, surpassing the previous high of 89 in 2015, according to a press release. The new incoming class includes 58 international students graduating – a record number that surpasses 2015’s previous record of 19. The total number of international students stands at 248 students, which is the highest level of international enrollment ever recorded by the ‘USD in 2018. Fifty countries outside of the United States are now represented in USD.

The university had expected relatively stable enrollments this year due to the ongoing global pandemic, SHU President Sheila Gestring said.

The university’s total enrollment is up slightly, with a slight decrease in credit hours.

“Especially when taken against the backdrop of national listing trends, the status of USD listings is encouraging,” Gestring said.

North East Community College

Northeast Community College has seen its highest enrollment in the past five years, with an increase in the number of international first-year students.

Northeast reports that 5,072 students were enrolled on the tenth day of the 2021 fall semester, according to a press release. Compared to fall 2019, which was the third highest enrollment on record at the College, enrollment is up 11%.

Last year, Northeast saw a 7 percent drop in freshman numbers. This year the number has increased by 51 students.

Lea Barrett


The number of international freshmen at Northeast has also increased. At the start of the semester, 27 international students were enrolled at Northeast, doubling the number from fall 2020. It is also the largest incoming class of freshman international students in five years.

“After last year with distance learning as the norm, it’s so good to see students back on our campuses,” said President Leah Barrett. “We promised in March that we would return to primarily in-person learning. I am encouraged to see so many students who have chosen to continue their studies with us.

Wayne State recorded a fifth consecutive year of college enrollment growth with the arrival of another record freshman class of 801 students.

Enrollment has now grown 24% since 2017, which includes a 56% growth in the college’s graduate programs over the same period, according to a press release. As a reflection of the College’s commitment to ensuring that its programs provide equal opportunity, 21 percent of newly enrolled Wayne State students identify as minorities.

Kevin halle


College enrollment has grown by 384 students since 2020, for a total enrollment of 4,249, with significant gains among students seeking a degree.

“Another year of enrollment growth is a direct reflection of the quality of our programs, our campus and our staff,” said Kevin Halle, director of admissions for Wayne State.

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Enrollment at Western Iowa Tech Community College is stable this fall with an increase in the number of duplicate students.

Enrollment was 5,451 students this year, up from 5,362 last fall, an increase of 1.7.

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