SKY Technology partners with KOREAEDUGROUP to innovate Edutech through SKY Play


Seoul, South Korea, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SKY Technology Co., LTD and KOREAEDUGROUP, a professional employment training company, signed a memorandum of understanding.

In line with Web 3.0, the two companies are ushering in a new era of edutech (educational technology) that adds sustainability by grafting NFT made possible through blockchain technology into the field of education.

With its 58 business operations nationwide, KOREAEDUGROUP will adopt NFT applications for the first time in the educational services sector, setting the medium and long-term planning in regards to managing members, boosting motivation and the innovative image at the forefront of the trend.

SKY Technology will provide opportunities for students majoring in Computer Science and Design by creating NFT for their assignments, adding powerful tools for job management after completing their programs.

SKY Technology, which recently created a Singapore, is set to issue its own cryptocurrency for exchange on global markets. It will also release a variety of new lifestyle content via SKY Play, the easy NFT trading platform.

Sang-Ok Chang, CEO of SKY Technology, commented on the importance of this partnership: “We are at a turning point where new technologies are part of our daily lives beyond their theoretical conception. This educational services industry partnership with SKY Gaming is a fairly new concept in Korea, but it will definitely bring synergy beyond its potential.”

An official from KOREAEDUGROUP said, “The collaboration with SKY Technology, which leads the blockchain industry and its popularization, is expected to further expand the experience of digital art content productions for students and strengthen the core of our programs. .”

SKY Play

Starting with easy P2E games, SKY Play will offer a rich variety of lifestyle content, including games, movies, sports, education and art, all of which will be delivered through one platform. easy NFT business form optimized for mobile UI/UX.


As an institution specializing in professional education services, KOREAEDUGROUP encourages professionals in all available employment sectors through varied and detailed programs such as computer art design and programming, computer graphics, games, beauty, cooking, etc.

It is a differentiated education system responding to the pace of change in the field and the need for lifelong learning, leader in the adult education market with its 110,000 students enrolled per year .

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