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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Jeff Steen, Regional Materials Engineer, 605-626-7883

ABERDEEN, SD – In 2024, the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) plans to begin a construction project on SD Highway 10 from Britton approximately ½ mile west of Houghton. The purpose of this project is to improve the safety and function of the roadway by widening the shoulder, replacing a bridge, repairing or replacing culverts, and adding left turn lanes at two road intersections SD 37.

The proposed pavement improvements will generate the need for a large amount of fill material. The fill material (called borrowing) is located under the topsoil. To date, SDDOT has not been able to finalize a borrow site for this project due to various factors including site location, proximity to wetlands, or undesirable physical properties of the material. SDDOT cannot alter drainage or wetlands through the borrowing process. Due to the inability to secure a suitable borrow site to date, SDDOT may now have to delay this project until a suitable borrow site for the project can be secured. Borrow material is removed from the landowners property by lowering an existing hill/ridge or creating a pit/hole.

SDDOT is reaching out to landowners in the area to engage their interest as a loan provider. The SDDOT will review and assess all potential sites within 10 miles or less of any point of the construction project.

Prior to construction, the owner reviews and approves the design of the borrow pit. Through a borrowing agreement signed with SDDOT, landowners are compensated for the volume of borrow material removed, the amount of area disturbed (crop loss and production loss), and revegetation (if applicable). Upon completion of the removal of borrow material, the site receives its final shape and the topsoil is redistributed over the disturbed area. Final acceptance of the borrow site requires landowner approval and signature for release.

For interested owners, there is also the possibility for the SDDOT to purchase a plot with the aim of obtaining borrowed material.

If you would like to discuss the materials borrowing process and associated compensation opportunities, please contact Jeff Steen, Aberdeen Area Materials Engineer at SDDOT, at 605-626-7883 or email [email protected]

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