Standard Bank donates K53.4 million to DAPP


Standard Bank Plc has donated K53.4 million to the People to People Development Assistance (DAPP) to reaffirm its commitment to the economic growth and development of the country.

The grant aims to help DAPP improve the provision of vocational skills for young people, including young women, with the aim of empowering them economically to become self-reliant.

“To effectively drive Malawi’s growth, we are committed to helping young people learn the relevant job skills they need to become self-reliant. The #Malawi2063 blueprint for development recognizes human development as an important pillar in our efforts to produce a globally competitive and highly motivated human resource base.
General Manager Philippe Madinga

“The field of vocational and higher education is an area to which we contribute directly by partnering with universities, technical and vocational colleges and by sponsoring outstanding students,” said general manager Philip Madinga of the vocational school of Mikolongwe in Chiradzulu.

The package of K53.4 million includes K31.7 million for ICT equipment and K21.7 million for training 30 vulnerable young women in sewing and fashion design.

“The contribution to the DAPP goes a long way towards improving the quality and depth of learning at the institution. In this digital age, the ICT equipment will help align DAPP students with the knowledge economy and accelerate their learning Madinga said.

With the skyrocketing use of ICT around the world, the delivery of education and training in many institutions has changed significantly, hence the need for rapid adaptation.

“ICT is an integral part of the skills learning environment in the world of work, and with the increasing diffusion of technology, the integration of ICT into the development of technical and vocational skills is within reach.

“This will unlock opportunities for effective deployment of ICT to modernize long-term skills development and help DAPP remain valid and effective,” he said.

Madinga and DAPP managers

The Chief Executive said the skills development program for women reiterates the government’s job creation agenda.

“Through sponsorship of the DAPP Skills Development Initiative, Standard Bank is working hard to create livelihood opportunities for poor women.

“We value skills development programs for women to create sustainable livelihoods and build confidence among women’s groups,” Madinga added.

The bank says the women for the trainings will be specifically selected for the program. In addition, students will be automatically enrolled in the bank’s incubator program upon completion of their professional training.

Standard Bank’s support has been hailed as a catalyst for modern education delivery and economic transformation.

“At DAPP, we appreciate what Standard Bank offers us. Today’s support will go a long way in unlocking the knowledge and skills of students as they will have the opportunity to research on the internet.

“Teachers too will develop their teaching abilities as they have effective tools to advance their skills,” said DAPP National Director Moses Chibwana.

Chibwana added that through the grant for vocational trainings, the women will be assisted financially, thereby strengthening the relationship between DAPP and the surrounding communities.

One of the women nominated for the training, Hannah Nyimbiri believes that the training is a dawn of economic freedom in her life.

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to take a sewing course, it just means that my children will not face the same economic difficulties that I went through to get this far. It is a start of economic transformation for my family and I am grateful to Standard Bank,” Nyimbiri said.

Last year, Standard Bank donated K12.5 million to DAPP for the renovation of Blantyre and Dowa colleges to create a conducive environment for the delivery of lectures and practical work.

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