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Sunday roast / Elena Reygadas, Mexico

Home grown

Merging Italian and French influences with Mexican ingredients, Elena Reygadas’ cuisine has become a staple of Mexico City’s culinary scene (writes Carolina Abbott Galvão). Since opening his restaurant Rosetta in the Roma district in 2010, he has drawn crowds in search of seasonal dishes rich in vegetables. It also operates a spin-off bakery, La Panadería, which supplies bread to many restaurants in town, and Lardo, a laid-back Mexican restaurant. Here she tells us about breakfast, a favorite fermented drink that dates back to pre-Hispanic times, and the museums she admires.

Image: Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock

Where do we find you this weekend?
Tepoztlán, a beautiful town surrounded by mountains near Mexico City.

What is the ideal start to a Sunday? Soft start or jump?
A jolt. I like to wake up early, go to La Panadería and have a cup of tea and a pan dulce. I’m going to work a little and then go with my daughters to the La Lagunilla flea market or to a museum. Then we will go to the restaurant: usually Lebanese cuisine at Adonis, oysters at La Docena, sushi and noodles at Rokai, or pad thai at Galanga.

Soundtrack of choice?
Neil Young, Natanael Cano, Radiohead, PJ Harvey and Natalia Lafourcade.

What’s for breakfast?
Sourdough bread, olive oil, honey and tea.

News or not?
My partner gives me a press briefing every day.

A little exercise to keep the blood flowing?

Pantry essentials that you can’t do without?
Tea, honey, olive oil, vinegar, salt, oatmeal, amaranth, farro, wheat flour, chia, almonds, raisins, oat milk, pasta, dried and smoked peppers, beans, lentils, turmeric and ginger.

Unmissable Sunday culture?
I tend to go to museums. I love the Museo de Antropología, Anahuacalli, Templo Mayor, Museo Tamayo and MUAC.

A glass of anything you would recommend?
Pulque, a pre-Hispanic fermented drink made from the sap of certain types of maguey [agave].

Perfect place to dine?
Pujol [in the Polanco neighbourhood of Mexico City]. Or at home, with my family.

What is on the menu?
Tamales and beans.

Beauty routine or Sunday night improvement?
Usually a bath, followed by a massage and a movie. Then it’s popcorn with my family.

Are you going to show off your look for Monday? What are you going to wear?
Jeans, a top by Collectiva Concepción and huaraches [sandals].

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