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The expansion of the Free TAFE initiative in Ballarat will give more students the opportunity to acquire qualifications in areas of skill shortage and job growth. The Certificate III in Information Technology and the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will go from paying to free for eligible students in 2022 at the TAFE Federation. More than 2,500 have taken free TAFE courses at the TAFE Federation since the initiative began in 2019. The Professional Vice-Chancellor of Vocational Education and Training at the University of the Federation and CEO of TAFE, Liam Sloan said the additional free TAFE courses would help more students get out-of-the-box training. “The Free TAFE initiative gives more people the opportunity to study courses that lead to good jobs in some of our fastest growing industries,” he said. “TAFE is a great choice for anyone looking to gain real industry experience to enter the workforce. The TAFE Federation currently offers 31 free TAFE courses. RELATED COVER: Former Ballarat Student Finds She Calls After Free TAFE Class. TAFE Federation student Krista Hodges obtained an IV certificate in community services in June as part of the Free TAFE initiative and is now working in the growing industry. The 25-year-old looked after her mother before starting the course and completed two days of study per week for 12 months while continuing as a caregiver. She said that not having to pay for the course helped her while she was living on caregiver payments. Ms Hodges began working in residential care with vulnerable young people on Berry Street in Ballarat in May. She said she had seen a great need for skilled people in this field since she started working. “The course has helped me a lot in my work. There is a definite need for more workers and more passionate people, ”she said. “I talked about it with my teacher and he said it was one of the toughest jobs, but it’s incredibly rewarding and you play such a big part in the lives of children.” That got to me. speak. “Ms. Hodges said her teacher was amazing and helped her prepare well for work in the industry.” He was just one of those people you’ll never forget, ”she said. that at any stage in their life, the free course can get you back into your education. ”Ms. Hodges said she loved her job and felt lucky to have a job as she finished Its course. “It is sometimes difficult because most service jobs are, but it is meaningful,” she said. Ms Hodges said she is looking to continue her education in art therapy. “This job has shown me that I really want to work with young people,” she said. Visit federation.edu.au / schools / federation-tafe to learn more about Free TAFE. number of news emails? You can sign up below and make sure you are up to date with everything that is happening at Ballarat.



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