The higher education institution provides the opportunity to acquire technical skills


By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

One of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education invites residents to take advantage of the opportunity to receive technical training in several areas outside of traditional academia.

Antigua State College (ASC) recently announced that it would be accepting applications for short courses that would expose interested individuals to professional study not previously offered at most schools in Antigua and Barbuda.

ASC Training and Development Manager Dwayne Simon believes that technical skills development has been neglected by the education system and that this effort will strengthen the ability of professionals to navigate the current socio-economic climate.

“That’s something that we’ve overlooked as a society in terms of downplaying technical skills, job skills, and so we’re trying to fill those gaps and expose people to an introduction to those particular areas,” he said. said Simon on Observer AM yesterday.

Moreover, the educator suggested that the short courses could contribute to the quality of professionals produced by the country, which could help people become more competitive in the global market.

“We want to find a way to develop the skill set in Antigua and Barbuda and even beyond that can enable people to become professionals and generate a source of income and take care of their families recognizing that if you have a skill, it can be very valuable,” added Simon.

The training programs, including photography, graphic design, coding, wealth principles and website development, are scheduled to run for five weeks from February 28 to April 2.

Anyone who has access to a computer or similar device is welcome to enroll in these short virtual courses. However, students attending public schools and professionals hired by the public sector will receive a special 80% discount on the $200 course fee.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

More information can be found via the website –, by calling 462-1434 or by email [email protected].


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