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Inforial (The Jakarta Post)

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Wed 25 May 2022



The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology has opened registration for the fourth promotion of the Teaching Campus program, known locally as the Kampus Mengajar Program. The initiative is part of Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MDKM) to improve the skills of students by giving them the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, offering assistance to teachers and the education sector in the elementary schools.

“This program invites students to contribute to the improvement of the quality of learning at the basic education level for one semester,” said Director General of Vocational Education Wikan Sakarinto during the campus socialization teaching for all public and private universities in Indonesia. The publicity event ran for a total of three days, starting May 23, in the eastern, central and western regions of the country.

As with the previous batch, the program also offers participation to those enrolled in vocational and academic universities. According to Wikan, the program can be a good forum for honing soft skills, leadership and character.

“During the assignment period, students will face many real challenges, face many uncertainties which will encourage leadership, creativity, innovation, problem solving, communication and team management” , he explained.

The program will enroll students for one semester and then recognition of learning outcomes will be done for 20 semester credit units (SKS). Wikan hopes that educators will lend their support to ensure the success of this program. Thus, universities can provide students with the convenience and certainty of gaining recognition of learning outcomes after participating in the program.

Wikan revealed that the teaching program has had a good impact on participants so far, as reported by students and schools that have received support.

“Improving the literacy and numeracy skills of elementary and junior high school students is a very basic need. The Ministry of Education and Culture through the Teaching Campus program is there to meet these needs,” added the academic director of higher professional education Beny Bandanadjaja.

The publicity event provided an opportunity for Education Campus Program Manager, Asri Putri, to explain an overview of the Education Campus Program; recruitment, selection process, roles and duties of students, field supervisors and academic coordinators.

The registration period has been opened and will be available until June 5th. After it closes, the selection period will start from May 26 to June 30. Decisions will be made public by July 5, and the coordination phase with the education office and schools, as well as debriefing activities will begin.

Students will finish their courses on July 28 and complete an assignment for four months, from August to early December. Finally, the secession event will take place on December 5th.


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