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Two winter sports teams are in danger at Eisenhower High School.

On Monday, the school board’s staff, sports and extracurricular activities committee heard a report on the numbers of 3 and 10 days for participation in winter sports.

While there were 13 girls competing in women’s basketball at Eisenhower on the third day of the season, there were only 10 of the 10 days.

Programs that fall below the required number are put on probation. More than one year of probation can result in the cancellation of a program.

District-wide athletics coordinator Rick Gignac informed committee members that Eisenhower’s women’s basketball has not been on the teams on probation in recent years.

The struggle program at Eisenhower is also understaffed.

The 10-day numbers show that university / JV – with 14 – and college – 8 – are two below the required number.

The junior high school program has been on probation in the past, Gignac said. The board and administration have tried to maintain the junior high school programs because they are inexpensive to the district and because they are important in fueling university programs.

In Youngsville, the varsity / JV wrestling program only had 14 participants at three days, but grew to 16 at ten days.

District-wide, the numbers are low for women’s basketball.

During the winter sports registration period, it was determined that Sheffield Area High School could not accommodate a women’s basketball. A cooperation agreement was approved for students in Sheffield who wished to compete to do so with the Warren Area High School team.

The 10-day figures show Youngsville High School just at the minimum attendance number set by the board of trustees – 12 – for the college and JV.

With three students participating through co-ops, the Warren team has only 16.

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