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In the 2021-2021 school year, nursing was among the top ten majors at the University of Utah, with 796 undergraduates either at the pre-major level or reported in their bachelor’s degree.

In “Points of Pride” listed on their website, the College of Nursing lists faculty research, funding, and practice, such as health care visits for incarcerated youth, among others.

U pre-nursing students are required to complete all general education requirements, nine courses in STEM fields, corresponding labs for the majority of these classes, and maintain an average above 3.0 prior to graduation. entry to the program. The College of Nursing also states on its website: “Please note that meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee that a candidate will be admitted to the program. “

During the year of COVID-19, programs in the nursing and medical environment were significantly affected due to online courses and a lack of ability to participate in normal extracurricular activities, and the program of care Nurses and pre-nursing students at U were not excluded from this.

A second-year pre-nursing student at U, Alyssa Pham, said COVID-19 had an impact on her experience at school.

“I really enjoy learning in person and especially last year it was difficult to balance my schedule,” she said. “It made it difficult for me to make friends. “

She said the masks still affected her ability to socialize with students. She expressed that she had added stress because of the virus.

“COVID taught me to work harder and to contact teachers,” she said.

However, she said that she has felt almost better now because she knows how to communicate with the teachers.

“From my perspective as a pre-nursing student, [COVID-19] affected the program a lot, ”she said.

Pham said there were issues with the prerequisite courses she had and that she missed the labs. She also said she felt she had missed the learning and felt there was less enthusiasm for the process with the online courses.

Freshman Brenna Hardy also spoke about her experience as a pre-nurse student.

“Honestly, my class sizes are probably bigger because more people are interested in nursing now,” she said.

On demand for the nursing program, they also ask students to provide their experience of serving others in unpaid experiences, being responsible for their work history, and using organizational skills to use their time effectively.

“I feel like I’m missing [in the nursing experience] because I am no longer able to volunteer at the hospital at the moment because they are not accepting volunteers, ”said Hardy.

Additionally, Hardy said she didn’t get the results she wanted in one-on-one board meetings due to the difficulty of communicating online.

She encouraged the other students to take it one day at a time and keep working hard despite the added stress.

The fall 2022 application deadline for the College of Nursing is February 1 at 5 p.m. MST. They also take into account letters of recommendation and eligible candidates will be selected for an online interview.

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