Uganda: Enroll more girls in vocational schools – Tayebwa


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The Ministry of Education and Sports has been urged to devise a policy that will encourage and support girls to join institutions that provide technical and vocational training.

According to Vice President Thomas Tayebwa, it is unacceptable that the enrollment of female students remains low compared to male students, while vocational training presents new opportunities for employment.

“The government has taken positive steps to ensure that the girl is on an equal footing with the boy. This is why the government introduced the 1.5% for university education,” Tayebwa said.

He made the remarks while officiating at the 12th Uganda Technical College Bushenyi Graduation Ceremony on Friday 06 May 2022 where 703 students graduated.

“I will ensure that we discuss this with the Equal Opportunities Commission so that it is a requirement for a gender and equity certificate when dealing with the Department of Education budget. You should be able to design deliberate measures to help the girl reach a certain level,” Tayebwa added.

He has also pledged to follow up on funding to create accommodation for female students within the institution, which was requested by the Acting Principal, Sam Byagweri.

“I am going to write to the Minister of Education so that a hostel for girls is budgeted for in this establishment. It is not safe for them to reside in Rwentuha, Nyakabirizi or Ishaka which are far from the school,” Tayebwa said.

“Once the proposal reaches Parliament, we will ensure that funding is approved for this project not only here but also in other technical institutes to ensure that girls are provided with facilities in the TVET sector. “, he added.

He also advised them to take advantage of programs like Emyooga and Parish Development Model where 30% of funds will be secured for youth and women to make investments.

“Parliament is going to pass the Local Content Bill to protect you so that there is a large threshold of Ugandan employees in major projects. We will devise a deliberate policy to protect our jobs in the future since we will have the skills,” Tayebwa said.

Uganda National Roads Authority Executive Director Allen Kagina, who gave a keynote address, encouraged graduates to make an impact in their communities which will determine their success.

She also urged them to maintain big dreams and goals as well as pursue the ambition of greatness.

“The size of your dream will determine where you stand in life. Make connections and learn from people who will uplift you. We have a nation of developmental virgins with many opportunities and each of us should become a harvester in our nation” , she advised.

Eng. Silver Mugisha, Chairman of the Board of the College, commended the government for supporting the growth of the institution by pushing for support from the World Bank.

“If the possibility of establishing a national technical university exists, we ask you to consider Bushenyi Technical College as the best place to set up this national institution,” he said.

Bushenyi District LC5 Chairman Jaffari Bassajjabalaba commended the Ministry of Education and Sports for their support in improving the infrastructure and technical equipment used by the college.

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