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The Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts research for Class 2024 and Class 2025 members is now open, and the school offers two new programs that affirm its commitment to promoting unique learning opportunities for students. from all walks of life in Arkansas.

The Distinction in Visual Arts and Design (POD) program creates a new arts program that builds on ASMSA’s mission while developing student talents in visual arts and design. HELIX Prep Academy provides an early entry route for low-income and rural students who face opportunities that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.

The POD curriculum consists of a sequence of eight courses that align with most of the undergraduate majors and minors in the visual arts. The program is the most recent investment in the school’s arts department. This will give students passionate about the visual arts enough time to explore the fundamentals while focusing on building a portfolio that reflects their personal interests.

Many school districts across the state may have limited resources to offer more than the basic visual arts courses required by the Arkansas Department of Education. The Visual Arts and Design program will provide students with the opportunity to take immersive courses in 2D, 3D, and other traditional visual arts topics, as well as graphic design and digital photography.

The program would create a talent pool that would build on recent private investments in arts education at colleges and universities in Arkansas. Students will also have the opportunity to network with local artists from Hot Springs’ vibrant arts community.

“The works of art brought to life by ASMSA students constantly impress and delight me,” said Charlie Feick, Director of Admissions. “The depths of talent, creativity and vision expressed in the creations of our students have been recognized in recent years by the success of statewide art competitions, including the Thea Foundation Fellowship program, Governor’s Young Artists Awards and the Congressional Art Competition.

“With the addition of the Distinction Program in Visual Arts and Design, ASMSA will continue to expand opportunities for many young Arkansas artists as part of our commitment to parity between forms of academic achievement. – from our roots in STEM to our burgeoning artists. . “

HELIX Prep Academy builds on the success of several previous programs. The original HELIX (Helping Elevate Low-Income Students to Excellence) project brought low-income students specifically from the Arkansas Delta region to campus for a two-week summer with the aim of introducing them to academic opportunities at ASMSA and eventual application to school. It was sponsored with a grant from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

The HELIX Prep Academy will offer low-income students who have experienced a gap in opportunity a year of transition to ASMSA in second year to better prepare and excel in their junior year and beyond. Students will take advanced high school courses and participate in mentoring programs.

“I am delighted to begin recruiting our first cohort of students for the HELIX Prep Academy at ASMSA,” said Feick. “Providing students with support for a confident transition to college-level learning is essential to ensure that Arkansans of all backgrounds have the opportunity to thrive.

“As a first generation college graduate from a low-income rural family in Arkansas, I have first-hand experience of the barriers that arise from not knowing about higher education institutions. The support and guidance that someone with first-hand knowledge can provide is invaluable. With support from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, increasing ASMSA registrations will help continue to fill the opportunity gaps that exist for many young Arkansans.

Applicants for HELIX Prep Academy must have completed Algebra I prior to enrolling in ASMSA and submitting standardized passing / assessment scores including a 19 or higher for Composite ACT and a sub-score minimum of 19 for the English, Mathematics and Reading sections of the ACT.

Students interested in applying to enroll in ASMSA and wanting to know more about the application process can find out more about asmsa .org / ignite.

Families interested in visiting ASMSA are encouraged to participate in the Preview Day. Preview Day is a half-day event that allows prospective students and their parents to tour campus, visit current students and parents, and have their questions answered by members of the team. admissions and administrators.

Registration is open for the next two preview days – Friday October 15 and Saturday November 20. Online registration and additional details about these free events are available at visit.asmsa.org.

The addition of the two programs highlights ASMSA’s efforts to increase enrollment through targeted growth models, as outlined in the 2025 strategic plan. The plan calls on ASMSA to strengthen program options, methods engagement and unique experiences for arts students while developing recruitment and admission procedures for students with specific artistic interests.

It also directs the school to continue to provide equity of access for students of geographic, economic and racial diversity who face opportunities and do not share the same level of preparatory experiences and support as some of the their peers.

“The 2025 strategic plan and new initiatives this year represent ASMSA’s continued commitment to the access and success of talented and motivated young Arkansans, regardless of their background,” said Feick. “The admissions team is proud to play their part in helping students achieve their aspirations.”


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